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About Ullaco Corp

Ullaco Corp is an award-winning marketing agency known for delivering exceptional online marketing solutions. As creators, thinkers and innovators, every member of our team brings a unique perspective to each project they work on, while creating an online journey to help captivate our clients’ target audience.

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Calgary, Alberta

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Copperfield, Calgary

Mclvor Boulevard SE


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What Sets Us Apart

At Ullaco Corp, everything we do is custom, created specifically for your business. Sure, we could take the ‘easy’ road, but we’d rather bring you innovative and creative marketing solutions as part of a well-rounded, holistic approach. Our purpose is to become your silent partner and help your business grow by successfully implementing online solutions that foster short-term and long-term growth.

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Our Management Team

We are a team dedicated to our jobs and to our clients. Once you choose Ullaco Corp, your business is our business, and we become your brand's biggest fans. With our entire marketing team under one roof, we can collaborate and provide you with marketing solutions that work.

Headshot of Jaques-Corne Botha the CEO and Owner of Ullaco Corp.

Jaques Botha

CEO & Owner

Jaques has been part of the website design, development & marketing industry for more than 15 years. Jaques' primary objective is to deliver excellent products and service satisfaction, without cutting corners to get there.

Communication is essential, and Jaques believes that successful project completion lies in the proper communication.

Headshot of Shannon McClure the General Manager of Ullaco Corp.

Shannon McClure

General Manager

Shannon's primary objective is to bridge the gap between business development, client relations and expectations. With a journalism background, she began with Ullaco Corp as the head of the content and copywriting department.

Today, as the general manager, Shannon oversees daily operations to ensure successful project completion.

Headshot of Fernando Carballo Gonzalez head of project management at Ullaco Corp.

Fernando Gonzalez

Project & Operations Manager

As our company keeps growing, it was important to have someone with strong management skills join the team. It also had to be someone who has the experience and the ability to oversee projects and keep them on track; That’s when Fernando joined our team.

With more than eight years of staff management experience, and excellent organizational skills, he makes sure all the project specifications are met.

Headshot of Roald Palaya. Roald is the lead developer at Ullaco Corp located in Calgary.

Roald Palaya

Development Lead

Roald Palaya joined our team as one of our front-end web development leads. Since then, his role has evolved to include back-end development. His experience building and testing front-end websites to ensures optimal performance.

Roald is in charge of web development and user functional testing, to ensure all website project are delivered with all boxes checked off

What Drives Us

We take pride in our work and are driven by you, our clients! We look at your goals, challenges, brand, and values to make something completely new and unique. Without you, we would not be pushed to challenge ourselves to keep creating designs that inspire.

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How We Are Different

Our custom designs originate from strategic planning and execution. Everything we do, we do with 100% effort. We never take half-steps and we never second-guess. At Ullaco Corp, we are confident about our work, and we feel that you should be too.

Our Mission Statement

Ullaco Corp provides exceptional product quality, coupled with phenomenal customer service. Communication is and always will be our number one priority for any project we take on.

Ullaco Corp is seen as one of the leading marketing agencies in Canada, and with that said, our reputation speaks for itself. Our goal is to always provide the WOW factor with any project we design. All our work is customized and tailored to the client's business goals and objectives while following industry standards.

Fernando Ullaco's project manager and Nisha Ullaco's HR manager sitting in general office area at Ullaco's Calgary office.
Ullaco staff members working at the Calgary office in the general office area.

Our Vision Statement

Ullaco Corp aims to become an international organization that continues to build upon the foundation we have created, but on a global scale.

A continued commitment to quality and exceptional client experience will help us achieve this vision, which also includes increasing our brand awareness through word-of-mouth marketing.

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