Azure Bots Services – Using Power Virtual Agents

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Azure bot services are far-reaching the online world. Now with Power Virtual Agents anyone is able to build a chatbot, almost as easily as using their email.

This chatbot service is not what you expect from a codeless interface. Power virtual agents aren’t chatbots that regurgitate the same impassive 4 lines of information when questions are posed online. The AI Azure bots are able to learn and adapt to your specific website needs to ensure you get the best customer service possible.

What Are Power Virtual Agents?

Power Virtual Agents is a no code bot builder. Meaning anyone with the Microsoft Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure has the ability to get a conversational chatbot up and running on any of your online channels (website, App, Facebook, Skype, etc.) once built.

These chatbots are used to extend communications to customers and clients. It does so by using natural language to help decipher what users are asking about. By identifying the most applicable trigger phrase being used it can formulate a personable response.

There is no need for the creator to type in every single response, the AI part of the chatbot will learn over time from other responses and keywords in order to provide correct responses.

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The website InfoQ, uses this example to explain best how the virtual agent determines how to respond to users.

“For example, a user might type “Open hours” into your store bot – the AI will be able to match that to the Store hours topic and begin a conversation that asks which store the customer is interested in, and then display the hours the store is open”.

What Does This Mean?

The chatbots will be able to adapt and learn, delivering personalized experiences to your customers as if a real person were on the other side of the computer. Azure bot services provide a non-phony AI experience.

Why It’s So Easy To Use

Since the Azure bot services can be obtained without the use of coding it makes implementing one effortless. No more need for in-depth IT know-how or hiring someone who does have this particular skill set.

The Power Virtual Agents can be made easily by anyone with the Microsoft cloud platform. Even though it is a no-code tool it still requires being built on top of Azure’s existing AI technology. Those being, Azure Bot Framework and the Azure Cognitive Services. With this you will have all the tools you need to create your own bot without an IT professional.

Meaning, no large expense for coding one from scratch. The Power Virtual Agent allows the creator to drag and drop prompts that the bot can then learn and improvise from. This designs a workflow enabling the virtual power agent to use logic, allowing it to continue learning and improving. This is what we call Power Automate or Microsoft Flow.

Why Is A No Code Chat Service So Important?

By allowing an AI Power Virtual Agent to naturally field questions and concerns it can help solve problems for your employees, customers and anyone else requiring assistance.

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24/7 Care

These virtual agents can give 24/7 coverage online without needing to hire staff to answer a few questions in the middle of the night, which would waste a lot of time and resources, not to mention sleep.

More Time For Other Tasks

Meanwhile, during the day your staff can focus on more important tasks that need to be accomplished. Not saying your customers and clients aren’t important but it will alleviate a staff member from needing to answer the simple stuff, such as business hours, location, or contact info.

These chatbots can also help with HR questions for your staff as well. If they have quick questions about sick days, vacation time, or extra workplace training. This again alleviates your staff, allowing them to focus on larger matters at hand to ensure your company is running smoothly.

Tracking Analytics

The chatbots can also collect analytics about your customers’ interactions to see how well it’s performing. It can even implement a survey after use to get better insights on what is and isn’t working. This will help your chatbot adapt its behaviour to continue improving.

More Control

At some point you may want to tweak things and have a little more control over your chatbot services. Meaning you may need to code.

Since the Azure resources are powering your bot anyways this is easy to switch between the autopilot mode of Power Virtual Agents and Bot framework SDK and tools (meaning you can code). Once you’ve tackled the bit of coding you needed to you can now switch back over and let the Power Virtual Agents resume.

Many companies don’t allow for such an effortless switch. Many low-code platforms can’t have the dev (a secure domain for developers) take it over

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Ullaco Corp. and Microsoft give you a no-code experience to get you started with Power Virtual Agents. This is perfect for business owners looking for an easy approach to automating their company.

Here at Ullaco we support Microsoft Azure completely and would be happy to get you set up with their Cloud platform and their Power Virtual Agents to use on your website, app, or any other channel your business uses.

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Ullaco Corp has helped multiple small to large businesses migrate to Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing ecosystem. In fact, our cloud migration process involves understanding our clients IT goals, needs and budget. We provide state of the art cloud products and services that are aimed at streamlining our clients entire business process.

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