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Pros & Cons Of Local VS Global/Remote Agencies

Finding the right digital marketing agency for your growing business is no easy task. Regardless of your business’s size, you’re probably too busy to do everything a marketing agency can do for you. Your best bet now is to hire a team that knows the ins and outs of the digital market. You need an agency that can do it all for you. The only big question now is, do you hire local or outsource?

A lot of start-up companies will get solicited by big agencies right off the bat. These companies want to secure an in for when you make it big. People from Toronto, New York, Chicago and other large cities will try and work their magic, so you hire them. But, is hiring remote really the best choice?

Here are 6 reasons why you should hire a local marketing agency like Ullaco Corp instead.

A Local Digital Marketing Agency Knows The Area & Demographics

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A local digital marketing agency will understand the culture, demographics, and history of your location. Meaning, they can easily tap into what your audience wants. By understanding who your customer base is and how they think, the agency will know what they want.

Effortlessly and effectively marketing your brand

Local marketing agencies know the location. They can make meaningful connections with your audience, which will help turn them into customers. By understanding the prime market location, you can pull in customers with a good relationship.

Suppose your digital marketing company knows what’s happening in the community all the time because they are a part of it, too. They can get you to participate in the community, which helps humanize your brand. It can make the consumer feel heard and understood.

Shared Experience

It also creates a bond and shared experience with the audience that will get them to go with your business. Local business draws in customers. If a local business talks about an area in a way that makes them not know or understand it, it can seem distrustful. This is why local is your best bet.

More Accessible & Work With Your Budget

As mentioned above, local agencies know the area and therefore understand the clientele better. You can hire a great agency in Australia, but they’ll need to put in more effort (costing more money). Meanwhile, a local company can do the same thing much easier. There is less grunt work when they already have the data for the market you are looking to break into.


You can also discuss your business needs and goals more easily. There’s no need for long-distance calls and confusing emails being sent back and forth, racking up hours on your bill. It’s more efficient if you’re both in the same time zone. This way, you know the hours of operations will line up with your busy schedule as well.

Another way local companies are more accessible is because they’re available to meet in person. And they will give you more individual attention.

Local Connections For Your Business


When you go with a local digital marketing agency, you know they will have other connections for you being in the business. By understanding the area, they can easily step-up meetings for you with potential buyers. Not only that, but they can give you information about other means you might need. Such as, accountants and bookkeepers (or anyone else you may need to get your business running smoothly) in the area who may offer a good deal.

Local Connections Are Essential For Business-To-Business Marketing.

Agencies in your area know the ins for getting you coverage in guest blogs to boost your online presence. They will recommend local events that are a good fit for your company to promote at. This will allow you to show off what you can provide to the community.

These local connections will help your business create its own relationships within these networks. Once you can get your own in with them and maintain these relationships, you’ll have even more opportunities for growth in your area.

Invested In Your Growth & Success

Many bigger, national companies aren’t as invested in the growth of your company. Their interest lies in a paycheque. With a local digital marketing agency at your side, they are looking to help you succeed. When you succeed, it helps their image look better. Plus, they know it helps the economy, bringing them more business too.
When local businesses partner up, it creates a symbiotic relationship. Meaning you both rely on each other for growth and prosperity.

Aware Of Local Challenges & Opportunities

Not only do local agencies know your audience and have relationships with other necessary businesses in the area, but they also know the climate of local challenges and opportunities.

Problem Solvers

If local issues arise that could prevent your business from excelling, a local digital agency may also have similar issues. This means they can be there in a flash to help you avoid the problem altogether. In fact, because they may be facing the same issue, they should reach out to make sure your business is also aware of what’s happening.


Local companies also know when opportunities arise that could enhance marketing for your company. Such as events, networking prospects, or a marketing opening that could benefit you big time.
Local marketing companies will go above and beyond for you because they know the lay of the land. What better way to help you promote and grow your business than to inform you of when things are happening and how to get you an in.

Local companies evolve and change with the area. Meaning, they will always be up to speed with what is happening. Keeping you in the loop. This way, you’ll never miss a beat and continue to be trending through it all.

The Competition

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Beyond knowing local networks and anticipating your needs based on community challenges and opportunities, local agencies will know your competition. By knowing who your rivals are and easily looking them up, they can anticipate their moves. This will ensure your online marketing strategy is different and stronger than your competitors, so you stay one step ahead.

The Contradictory

Not to say that going global would be a complete downfall. There are some upsides to going with a company outside your area. Depending on what your company is looking for, sometimes the only way to get everything you want is from a bigger or more specialized digital marketing agency that understands your specialized needs.

Global Audience

Choosing a global digital marketing agency can also get you into global sales a little easier. That is, if that’s what you’re after. They do have a better grasp of international marketing. However, you never know when a global agency is in your backyard. If you can get a company that can brand you globally but is also local to your home, you’ve just hit the jackpot.

Even though a local agency prioritizes the connection that weaves your business into the fabric of that community, sourcing outside your area can benefit you. But usually, local digital marketing agencies are your best bet for success.

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