A Novice Guide To Content Marketing

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Content marketing

With so many terms floating around and so many ways to market your brand online, it can be hard to know where to begin. Maybe you overheard someone talking about content marketing and thought research would make a good starting point.

Content marketing is a great first step for newcomers to online marketing. For those of you who have already begun your content marketing journey, you know there is always room to improve, improvise, and revise your content marketing plan to fit with new trends and the everchanging online world.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is Content Marketing?

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Content marketing is a way of consistently distributing information that stays on topic and in line with your brand. It also provides relevant and useful information to a well-defined audience to create customer interaction to turn a profit.

Good content marketing is based on how valuable the information you are providing is to the consumer. If they seek out the advertisement and engage with it, you know you’ve done a great job of grabbing their attention.

Types Of Content:

1. Written

written content

Written word content is the most popular form of content distributed. Writing is so relevant in today’s society, especially in the marketing world. Creating content through the written word can be achieved by blogging, copywriting, posting to social platforms, newsletters, email marketing, etc. There are many ways to use words to get your audiences’ attention.

2. Audio Marketing

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The best use of audio marketing would be via radio or a podcast. Podcasting is becoming a considerable practice of sharing information and marketing. An example would be an author doing a podcast on their book content. In return, they gain more followers and more book sales.

3. Video Marketing

video content

Video marketing began with the invention of TVs. A video can allow you to tell a story faster than any other medium. Using imagery and sound together can set a tone quickly and grab the viewers’ attention to get them to feel exactly how you’d like them to about your product or service.

4. Images

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Using images is another great way to quickly catch a viewer’s attention, with minimal reading or time spent watching a video. It can instantly speak 1,000 words to get your point across quickly.

Creating A Content Marketing Strategy

When creating a content marketing strategy, there are a few guidelines to always keep in mind and stick to. Following a strategy will ensure you are getting the most out of what you are promoting.

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Step 1. Goal Planning

The first course of action is to create a goal you want to work towards with your content. What are you aiming for with the content you would like to produce? If you have an end goal before you start, it will be easier to plan and help create a strategy.

Your end goal could be more engagement, customer education, brand awareness, brand loyalty, etc. Whatever the goal is, stick to it! It will outline the rest of your strategy. What you shouldn’t do is over saturate the content with a goal of web traffic, that can come across as spammy and hurt your image. As mentioned, you want your content to be educational, entertaining, and engaging to your audience, not shameless promotion.

Step 2. Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is crucial as it helps you produce more relevant content. If you have an audience in mind, you can steer the narrative towards a path that is appealing to this reader or viewer, thus, increasing sales.

It is essential to do research to find out your target audience prior to creating your content. Conducting market research can help you find your target audience or expand on your pre-existing audience. This is key to growing your viewership.

Step 3. Brainstorm Ideas

Getting the ideas flowing can sometimes be the most challenging part, but if you have done the above grunt work, your ideas will flow more smoothly. A goal will guide your ideas and work, while also outlining an audience for them to work toward.

Step 4. Plan Your Content

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Always stay on topic and plan your content. This helps ensure the content remains useful and consistent. Make sure you have a management system in place. You want to able to track your content, the creation, publication and the analytics of all. If you aren’t doing this last step, the other three steps won’t matter.

Creating content that is relevant and useful to your viewers is what will get them hooked.

Publishing Content

How and where you publish your content is another crucial step. As Marshall McLuhan states, “the medium is the message.” Make sure when you are creating your content, it is designed for a specific outlet. This way, your viewers are engaging with your content properly and responding to it with enthusiasm.

Content Analytics

Understanding the analytics of the content you post is crucial to marketing it. If your content isn’t working as well as you’d like, you better change it up and adapt to what your audience actually wants to engage with.

It is also good to realize when content is doing well, and you can direct more funds towards what is working for you.

Why Content Marketing Is Important & How It Benefits Your Business

customer journey

Customer Journey

Builds Brand Awareness


In order to create audience awareness for your brand and product you need to present your product or service as a solution to a problem your consumer never knew they had. By presenting your product in a valuable way, your consumer base will be more likely to relate to your product and want to purchase it.

Product Exploration

When a customer becomes aware there is a solution to their problem, they will begin educating themselves to see if it is truly necessary and what will work best for them.

For example, if someone realizes their carpet is dirty, they will look for a dirt solution. The consumer’s answer would be a vacuum to clean the carpets, and from there they seek out their options for purchasing the best vacuum to clean their space.

Product Options

At this point, the consumer will compare different products and you want to make sure yours is the best solution to the problem they have. That is why it is important to create content that will show them your product is the answer to what they need.

Product Purchase

At last, the consumer will finally make their decisions and purchase what they believe is the best solution at the best value for solving their problem.

Content marketing taps into the buying process, getting consumers educated and allowing them to see a solution. If you add value throughout your piece of content, be it a blog, a video, or social media postings, it will get viewers’ attention. It will focus their attention on a product they may have never thought about or considered before. It could also sway them into switching from their current brand to yours.

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To learn more about content marketing and how it can work for your company, drop us a line at Ullaco Corp. We understand online marketing and want to help your business succeed. We know how to skip advertising with little or no value and, instead, produce the good stuff, full of relevant content that will get you noticed.