Finding The Right Corporate Branding

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When you think of large corporations in our society, you often think of their branding. This includes their corporate web design, logos, advertising, and even current news about their company. Whether it’s the Apple logo, a jingle from a commercial, or associating polar bears with a fizzy pop drink, this is part of corporate branding.

Our homes are full of products from these huge corporate conglomerates. From Apple to Coca-Cola, these brands are a huge part of our daily lives. Small and large businesses need to consider how their branding affects consumers. Are they effectively using their branding and making it work for them?

What Exactly Is Corporate Branding?

Corporate web design and company branding include many elements. These elements are all part of your brand. From your company name, logo, website, marketing and colours you popularly use in your branding. When using corporate branding effectively, you can help consumers recognize your company from just a logo alone.

In some cases, consumers might start to associate your brand with certain colours, like Heineken’s green and red star branding. When you create an iconic brand, pair it with the perfect website design and marketing, you can create a memorable brand.

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So, how do you create a strong and memorable corporate brand? To create a compelling corporate brand that accurately represents your products, services and values, you need to have a vision. Having a strategic vision will help you take steps and build towards your ultimate corporate brand.

Set goals for yourself, and understand what you want consumers to associate with your brand. Use every element to your advantage. Even the colour of your logo can subconsciously affect how people view your company and brand. For example, people associate the colour green with freshness or yellow with warmth. Understanding how your consumers will view every element is essential.

Attention To Detail

We live in an age where people are no longer separating a brand’s actions from their products and services. Consumers are holding companies accountable for their actions, inconsistencies, and boycotting companies that don’t align with their values.

Being a brand that is relatable to your consumers and embodies their values will help you find dedicated customers. What exactly do you want to communicate to your consumers about your company values? How do you help them relate to your brand and your values?

There are many different ways to do this, but attention to detail is key. Keeping consistent with your branding materials and communication with the general public is essential. You cannot insist you stand for environmental sustainability on your website and go on your Instagram to endorse littering and single-use plastics.

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Figuring Out Your Corporate Identity

So how do you decide what exactly your corporate identity should look like and what values you should focus on? Creating a corporate identity is not easy. But it’s essential before you start thinking about how you want to brand your company.

Harvard Business Review wrote a great piece outlining their “Matrix,” a framework including questions to lead you through asking the right questions to create your corporate brand. Their five guidelines to follow when defining your corporate brand are:

  • Be Concise – Less Is More, Flesh It Out In Your Content
  • Be Straightforward – Keep It Uncomplicated & Free Of Jargon
  • Look For Characteristic Defining Factors
  • Keeping Your Brand Authentic – Don’t Just Try To Be Like Everyone Else Within Your Industry & Stay True To Your Values
  • Considering Timelessness – Your Branding Should Be Long Lasting & Survive The Test Of Time

Your brand should be authentic and personal. While you can admire how other companies are branding themselves and think about how you want to incorporate these qualities into your branding, being unique will serve you. Customers won’t remember you if you are just like every other company.

Corporate Identity & Communicating Identity Through Branding

Being consistent with your branding can also show potential customers that you are professional and even give them the impression that you are successful. When potential clients view your website, social media, and even your logo, they consider whether they want to do business with you.

Your corporate identity is something you have to communicate to your potential consumers. Use your branding to do this. Are you a modern and trendy company, or are you sleek and professional? As your business grows, your corporate branding may change and take on a different direction.

Many huge companies will rework their corporate branding to work with their new business goals and values. As time goes by, you have to update your company’s website and possibly its logo to keep it looking fresh and attract new consumers.

There are many reasons why you should update your branding. When you keep it modern and up to your industry’s standard, you can continue to build your business using your branding. You don’t want future consumers to think that your company is out of touch or not innovative.

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Consistent Branding & Quality

If you are starting a company or looking at rebranding to better suit your corporate identity, finding a professional can be helpful. While you can try and do this in-house or yourself, it often becomes very apparent to your consumers.

Suppose you aren’t a graphic designer but have big visions for your logo. It’s better to find someone experienced to execute your vision. When you are creating new materials, it’s always better to invest and do it right the first time rather than redo it a year down the road. Especially when you’re thinking of creating a website or refreshing your current one, it’s important to find a website development agency that can help execute your vision.

Your website must reflect and work together with the rest of your branding materials. While it isn’t necessary to get a custom website built. Having a website that stands out from others in your industry is helpful. A unique website that does not look like everyone else’s will help you stand out. If your business is in an industry known for being innovative, having a cutting edge corporate web design can be an advantage. It’s better to set the standard for your industry than to follow the trends.


When you’re thinking of creating a corporate brand, contact us at Ullaco Corp for corporate web design and marketing services in Calgary. From logos to custom-built websites, we can help you elevate your company’s brand awareness.