5 Key Features Of A Great Medical Website Design

As the manager or owner of a medical clinic, you might be wondering why you need a good website or, better yet, a great medical website design. After all, you have a decently sized patient list, and new patients occasionally seek you out. While that’s great, think of all the potential you’re missing out on by not having a functioning, user-friendly website. Wouldn’t you rather have a steady stream of new patients rather than the occasional new one?

Society spends more and more time on their smartphones searching for service providers. As a result, many people will search online for a new doctor or walk-in clinic rather than head to the one closest to them. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a website that can virtually answer many of your patients’ questions. 

Below we identify five key features of a good medical clinic web design. 

1: Determine Your Audience 

One of the first steps you need to take is figuring out the demographic you want to attract. The factors you consider will depend on the type of medical clinic you run. For example, a pediatric dental clinic would target parents, whereas a regular dental clinic wouldn’t narrow its audience demographic by those factors.

Looking at your current patient list will help identify common traits when creating an outline of your target audience. From there, you or your content writer can begin crafting the words that will best speak to that audience. You could unintentionally be driving away traffic by not reflecting on the right group.

2: Find The Right Balance 

A medical clinic website with only a few words and an image or two will not convert. But conversely, neither will one that is cluttered and has too much information to sort through. Make sure your website gets to the point quickly, and visitors can easily learn what your clinic offers. The best medical website design revolves around this approach. 

You need to find the right balance, which is one of many areas in which a professional marketing agency can help. The right company will keep you on track and ensure that only the most important information is presented. 

Question Your Patients

What are some of the common questions patients ask you? These questions can be a great indication of what to feature on the website. You could also ask what they would like to see on your website to develop ideas for missing features. 

Your patients' can have great insight into features that will benefit your medical website design
Your patients can have great insight into features that will benefit your clinic’s website design

3: Provide Quality Content

Putting a bunch of random words on a page to fill the space doesn’t do your website or your patients any good. As mentioned above, you need to find the right balance. You want enough to answer questions your future patients may have, but not so much that they give up from frustration. 

Make sure your services are well positioned for visitors to find them. Then, go into detail and answer common questions while outlining the scope of what your clinic offers. 

It’s important to keep your website fresh with relevant and up-to-date valuable information. Writing blogs is one way to update the website efficiently without changing the primary and vital content. In addition, when done well, a blog informs the public and provides answers to their questions while helping with search result rankings.

4: Don’t Be Afraid To Use Images 

But not just any images. Ensure your medical website design features high-quality photos that showcase what your clinic offers. Many medical and dental clinics defer to using stock imagery. While it works in a pinch, showing your actual team adds to the user experience and comfort level. In addition, great visuals will help people gain a better understanding of your clinic.

Professional marketing agencies often have preferred photographers they work with so that their clients don’t have to spend time finding one. 

5: Easy Navigation & Online Consultations

Two main features a medical website design should have are online booking and a section about consultations. Your website should be well planned with the user experience in mind. It will make it easier for patients to book appointments when they can see which doctors are available. 

This way, the doctors meet the patient’s availability instead of the other way. In addition, it’s more efficient to look at a full calendar of available doctors, picking when you are free, instead of rattling off a bunch of dates over the phone that may not work for you.

Navigation and answering questions matter for medical website design.
Navigation and answering questions matter for medical website design

Timely Access To Answers

It is also worthwhile for patients to have their more minor non-medical-related questions answered online. When patients can find answers to questions like the availability of doctors, the clinic location, hours, and more on your website, it makes for a better experience. Not only that, but now it frees up time at the reception desk that may be spent responding to quickly answered questions. 

Using your medical clinic website as a resource hub makes the whole experience more streamlined. Plus, the patients are more at ease when they can easily keep in touch with their practitioners. 

The best medical websites are ergonomically designed, user-friendly, and informative. If you can hit these specific points, it will improve the patient experience, your clinic’s reputation, and your practice’s performance. 

Overall, it’s convenient for the patients and the practitioners when a good medical website design is created for your medical practice.

We hope this blog gave you great insights regarding your medical clinic website’s essential functions and features. If you want to learn more about investing in a professional website design company like Ullaco for your medical website design, check out our blog Why Should Medical Clinics Have Custom-Built Websites?

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