The Importance Of A Good Logo

Ullaco Corp designer working on creating a good logo.
Ullaco Corp in-house designer working on a logo for a large enterprise

Symbols have been used to communicate with each other for eons. The cavemen did it, the Egyptians did it, and we still do it. Our symbols of communications are our logos. Logos are a way for brands to communicate with their audience without needing an explanation about them.

Many businesses can be identified by just looking at their logo (Starbucks, Lacoste, Nike). Or, if you are a brand that is still building up to that level of notoriety, a good logo can help your audience determine what your business is all about.

What Is A Logo & What Makes It Good?

A logo is the first thing people notice about your business. It is a symbol mixing text and images that show your audience what you represent as a company.

When we are speaking about a good logo, it must be memorable. It is a symbol of your brand that will allow you to stand out above the competition. A good logo fosters loyalty.

Since a good logo will encompass your brand’s values, purpose, mission statement, and central vision, it builds a belief system about your company and brand within it that your audience will catch onto and not forget.

Why Do Businesses Need To Have A Logo?

Businesses need a way to stand out online and in person. One great way of doing this is by creating a logo that shows off your creative brand, setting you apart from the competition.

Ullaco website designer creating a wire-frame design prototype for an italian restaurant in Seattle.
Ullaco website designer creating a wire-frame design prototype for an italian restaurant in Seattle.

Visual Appearance

A good logo can help strengthen your brand and company’s appearance. Since a good design gives off a more professional appearance, it will get your audience to trust you. If your logo isn’t up to par, it will get your audience questioning whether you can get the job done.

Though the saying is not to judge a book by its cover, people still will. Meaning it could cost you sales if your logo isn’t hitting the mark.

The logo is the face of the company, the first impression, and it is crucial to have a polished appearance. It makes the audience believe you care more and put in the effort to hire someone and collaborate with them about your company’s vision. In turn, it is solidifying that you are a company worthy of your client’s business.

Brand Message

A good logo has to communicate business ownership, quality and values because you will use it everywhere. You need to implement your logo on your website, business cards, products and most importantly, in your clients’ minds when they think about your business.

Image of wooden block creating a unique pattern for word brand.
Wooden block creating a unique pattern for word brand.

When you create a well-done logo, it can help increase your credibility as a business. If you have a powerful idea that shines through in your logo, your logo will help you stand out. Helping bring in more business over time with the correct marketing.

Example Of A Great Logo

For example, when we think of LG, we see their logo, the little happy face. But it also combines their name with their lettering into their design. The ‘L’ and ‘G’ have a strategic placement to make the smiling face.

LG is also short for life’s good, and what better way to portray that life’s good than a simple smile. It creates an appeal to the pathos in people, tugging at their emotional response.

Power Of The Font

The font used also creates an illusion where the ‘G’ creates the shape of a power button. It works as a symbol to immediately let users know that LG deals with technology, specifically electronics.

Their logo adds more depth to their narrative in that they are a company that makes life better through their electronics, appealing to ethos, as it is credible. Their technology does make life easier and good.

Designer at Ullaco creating a beautiful logo by choosing the right font for a medical clinic.
Designer at Ullaco Corp creating a beautiful logo by selecting the right typography for a local Calgary-based medical clinic.

The Logic Of Colour

They chose the colour red purposefully as well because it signifies community and endurance, and what better way to brand electronics than by showing they value endurance, which appeals to the logos or logical factor the logo provides.

It combines logos, pathos, and ethos into one simple image that people know worldwide and has a customer loyal following.

The Making Of A Good Logo

The power of a good logo can create a well-loved identifier for your company. Making sure your logo is minimal but still in line with your brand is very important.

So, make sure to create a visual symbol that represents your vision as a company. You also want it to support your brand identity without being too complicated or cluttered.

Choosing Typography

Choose a font that works for your brand. The typography can convey a lot about your business if chosen wisely. It can help communicate the tone of voice and persona for your business.

Whether you are looking for traditional, sassy, modern or funky, there is a font for any emotion and brand.

Artboard with different font style.
Showcase of some of the different type of fonts.

For instance, if you choose a swooping cursive font, you tend to associate more frequently with spas, women’s clothing, jewellers, or softer brands. Thus, by picking this style of typography, you will also come across that way. Meanwhile, if you select something big, bold and all caps, it shows assertiveness and power. 

Something of this nature would work better for a mechanics logo or construction company.

Using Colours To Help Your Brand Tell A Story

The colours you choose can also have a large effect on how you will be perceived. Studies suggest that colours can trigger emotional responses, called colour psychology, so choosing wisely can benefit your logo. When used consistently, it can also improve your brand recognition because consumers can form an association.

Women holding different colour palette while working on creating a new logo for her vancouver coffee shop.