Why YOU Need To Implement A Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing strategy scrabble letters
Scrabble letters spelling digital marketing strategy

The internet can be a frustrating place to implement and maintain a comprehensive, complicated, and well-implemented digital marketing strategy across numerous channels. In addition, it can be daunting to think about bringing your brand into the digital marketing space with various balls in play.

At Ullaco Corp, we want to emphasize the importance of your choice to implement a digital marketing strategy in the modern business sphere. With customers and clients shifting to digital life, you must get your brand online as soon as possible.  

Reasons To Implement A Digital Marketing Strategy

Over 1 billion people use search tools like Google to search for products and businesses every day. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure your brand can be accessed where potential clients and customers are. This is clear enough in the modern age, but many different aspects come into play with why somebody would want to utilize this modern tool to reach their audience. 

As a leading digital marketing agency in Canada, we wanted to use our experience to compile a list of why you need a digital marketing strategy.

Expand Your Brand’s Reach

One of the main reasons many individuals cite why they love the internet is the communication venues it provides to people they may have otherwise never met. This perspective, of course, is great when we consider making friends, but it is even better when we consider it from the perspective of the modern marketer. 

When we can reach people who may have otherwise never known about our brand, we are able to bring them into our sphere of influence. This, of course, is seen all over in the physical world through the use of billboards and other advertisements that people see every day. However, it is essential to note that the nature of the internet allows us to truly “reach” our clients.

We are again considering how people like the internet’s nature of facilitating friendships. Our brand can take on an identity that can reach people, like an exciting Twitter feed pulls people in. With digital advertising, your brand can spread an organic reach in a way that a billboard couldn’t. 

With how simple it is for users to share individual posts, it is easy to imagine the amount of traction a post made by your brand would get when shared by users for every friend of a friend that gets a post from your brand shared with them. Each share is more people who generate hits and searches to your website and other elements of your brand. 

When you implement a digital marketing strategy, you are reaching your brand’s arms out to a potential audience you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Furthermore, you offer content and services they can spread to their circles. Check out our blog about online branding to read more on how you can improve your online presence. 

A dressmaker using social media as part of her digital marketing strategy
A dressmaker using social media as part of her digital marketing strategy

Find Better Targets With A Proper Digital Marketing Strategy

The good thing about the choice to implement a digital marketing strategy is that it massively narrows down your audience while also broadening it. This fact helps keep your content relevant to the audience, which can cause your brand to spread like wildfire to the audience you want your brand to be known by. If you’re going to change any aspect of this, it creates an easy way to change and find better targets for your brand.

When the wrong people engage with your brand, you can improve your brand’s targets. Such improvements can increase revenue by reaching actual buyers and investors rather than people who mindlessly browse. You also can see what your audience wants from you, making it easier than ever to change your targets in a moment and adapt to what your market share wants.

You Need A Cost-Effective Solution 

Renting billboards is expensive; showing up on your new client’s Facebook feed isn’t. Marketing online also helps you personalize your efforts to your market share, making it easy to save money by only showing relevant people your efforts rather than every regular Joe who drives past.

It’s also important to understand that online marketing efforts can be completed at low or no cost. For instance, it doesn’t cost money to write a Twitter update for your adoring fanbase or make a meme for Instagram relevant to your client base’s experience. With the help of digital marketing firms, you can quickly identify the most cost-effective keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, which can only spread your reach further.

With A Digital Marketing Strategy, Your Brand Can Naturally Develop

We all want our brands to grow and develop over time. One could argue this is the whole purpose of marketing your brand, so of course, if something offers to do this with ease, we want it! When you intelligently implement a digital marketing strategy, your brand grows with you, bringing your business to new heights with every like, share, and comment.  

Your audience can also help your brand develop for your adapted targets more effectively, ensuring that your efforts are always relevant to your market share.  

Increase Your Site Conversion Rates

You only want the people who will actually buy or invest in your brand to visit your website. When you invest in a well-developed digital marketing strategy, you ensure that these are a majority, if not all, of the people who see your site. Every visit leads to either an immediate or eventual conversion.

Digital marketing is a game of turning clicks into purchases, so when you have no clicks, you have no purchases. And, if you have irrelevant clicks, you also have no purchases. A digital marketing strategy ensures these conversions happen, bringing more revenue to your business.

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy also involves bringing people into the fold from different corners of social media. It can help you make sales you wouldn’t have otherwise. This essential element of advertising and sales is easily accomplished with a digital marketing strategy, bringing you all the benefits of keeping your brand online. 

It's important to calculate your ROI when planning a digital marketing strategy
It’s important to calculate your ROI when planning a digital marketing strategy

A Digital Marketing Strategy Increases Your ROI

What is an ROI? Your ROI is your Return On Investment, which is essential to a thriving business. When your investments fail to bring in a return, they fail your business. Any investment that doesn’t make your brand money isn’t an investment worth making and can only leave holes in your pockets.

When you implement a digital marketing strategy, you can control whether or not your marketing efforts increase your ROI. When you invest in a digital marketing company like Ullaco, you have the confidence that a whole team of experienced individuals are working on the success of your investment. 

Easily Track Metrics & Data 

Thanks to the ability of various online platforms to catalogue and analyze data from your digital footprint with ease, you can access your data in an instant. For example, websites like semrush.com can provide you with an instant look into all aspects of your brand’s footprint. As Meta (formerly Facebook) upgrades their business suite, it is easier to keep an eye on how your brand is performing.

If you don’t want to keep track of all the data, don’t worry, that’s where companies like Ullaco shine. We keep a close eye on everything for you while making whatever adjustments are needed to ensure these changes always have a positive impact.

Improve Your Online Reputation 

The best thing about a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is the benefits it gives your reputation. Because you can interact with your market share in real-time, you have complete control over how your reputation plays out to your audience. In addition, with the ability to influence your audience’s perspective on your brand, you can ensure that your brand is seen precisely how you want it to be.  

When you have control of your brand’s reputation, you have control of your brand’s success. This is what has us so excited about digital marketing. As far as we can tell, there is nothing quite like social media’s ability to help our market share see us the way we want to be seen!

Increase Client Engagement

This aspect of digital marketing puts the “social” in social media. You can easily interact with your public when you have an easy-to-follow and adhere to the strategy. Being able to reply to comments and respond to DMs (direct messages) is one of the fun aspects of digital marketing. We are always excited to help our clients find the best way to go about this!

Like a good celebrity, business owners should love interacting with the public. With the excellent direction their digital marketing strategy provides, they can do so with ease and confidence. Beyond how fun it is to be social, more engagement means more likes, comments, and shares.

Because of this, companies see organic growth that wouldn’t exist without their audience. They can also begin to see things like user-generated content begin to pop up, providing even further organic growth and acting as a digital “word of mouth” marketing tactic to help spread the word of their excellent work.

Man and his dog working on their digital marketing strategy
Man and his dog working on their digital marketing strategy

Stay Ahead Of Competitors With A Digital Marketing Strategy

Everybody wants in on the digital space, especially your brand’s competition. Because of this, proper strategizing is vital for your success, especially when you can enter the digital market before your competition. 

It is an age-old truth that it is better to throw your hat in the ring early, and luckily the digital sphere, there is always a way to be early with how fast trends change. Anyone who has used applications like TikTok knows how fast trends can change and update and have seen firsthand how some businesses have been doing the “renegade” since before it was cool and how others struggle to keep up.  

This early nature is also essential when looking at how keyword optimization works. When you are the first to the party with specific topics, you have a better chance of dominating the digital conversational space, ensuring that you show up at the top of the search list. In turn, this increases your SEO, which subsequently increases your ROI. 

In addition, more effects come from being first that include but are not limited to being seen as an authority on the topic, bringing in a new audience quickly searching for the trending keyword, and so on.  

Endlessly Customize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Have you seen how many channels there are? Between the Meta suite of websites and other websites such as TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, there are many options for brands to take advantage of. When you properly work on and then implement a digital marketing strategy, you can decide what channels work best for your brand and how they are best used. 

For instance, not all brands work well with YouTube, so not all brands need to worry about using it. A digital marketing agency like Ullaco can help determine the best platforms for your brand as part of a digital marketing strategy. Processes like this take a lot of the trial and error out of finding where your actual market share exists. 

How Ullaco Can Build Your Brand

Ullaco is a full-scale marketing agency in Calgary, Alberta, with expertise in all digital marketing areas, from website design to social media strategy and content marketing! We are experts in making your brand shine in the digital space, and we love to help brands build a marketing strategy that helps your brand thrive for years to come.  

Do you need a new website to represent your brand better? Or maybe you’re interested in digital marketing services. Schedule a time to meet with our team to discuss how we can work together. If a phone call works better for you, feel free to call us during office hours at 403-910-720