5 MUST-HAVE Features Your Dental Website Should Include

Five Must-Have features any dental practice should include on their website.
Five Must-Have features any dental practice should include on their website.

The dental industry is one of a few medical industries that has significantly grown within North America in the past decade.

This massive growth of dentists, mouth hygienists, denture specialists, orthodontists and oral surgeons has helped thousands if not millions of people get access to dental care we all desperately need. But, sadly, the downside of this tremendous growth has increased the competitiveness of the dental industry by tenfold.

Gone are the days of print stock like flyers, door hangers and newspaper ads.

It’s no secret that strategic online marketing, your dental website and your online visibility are critical to gain a fair market share of the ever-growing dental industry.

Flyer and print advertising example for dental clinic
Flyer and print advertising example for dental clinic

This article will cover 5 MUST-HAVE features your dental practice website should have to overcome this competitive market.

In addition, We will share some insightful, frequently asked questions most dentists or dental practice managers ask when trying to gain a more extensive online visibility.

MUST-HAVE #1: Dental Patient In-Take Forms & Patient Portal

Just recently, I had to go for my annual dentist checkup appointment. I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork because I had not been at the dentist for almost four months. 

In most cases, medical, oral clinics typically ask you to arrive ten to fifteen minutes early to update these mundane forms. Once completed by the patient, these forms are then manually added to the patient’s file by the receptionist. A significant amount of time gets wasted using this process.

So why are most oral practices still using this outdated paper-based method? Is there a better way to do patient in-take forms or update patient records? Yes, There Is! Move your patient in-take and update documents to your website.

Modern dentist website with patient backend portal and in-take form
Modern dentist website with patient backend portal and in-take form

The Number 1 Must-Have feature for any dental clinic’s website is to allow your patients to update their profile, documentation and insurance records on your website. 

The most responsible way to do this is by implementing a secure backend cloud-based portal that seamlessly integrates with your Dental Management System or DMS. Security and the way you handle patient data are critical to the success of a custom backend solution. 

Responsive mobile view of dental practice backend portal
Responsive mobile view of dental practice backend portal

The primary goal should always be to reduce clinic liability and follow strict patient privacy information laws and regulations set forth by federal governments. 

Dental practices and oral clinics with highly secured backend patient portals reduce their in-take update process by almost 80%. In addition, most patients will appreciate it if you implement this type of solution. 

Woman using old-school in-take process
Woman using old-school in-take process

Give us a call or book a meeting if you require a highly skilled web development company to assist you with building a custom yet secure backend portal for your dentist practice.

MUST-HAVE #2: Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly Promotions

The second most essential MUST-HAVE feature of any clinics website is to push weekly, monthly or quarterly promotions on your homepage or specific target-driven landing pages.

Showcasing regular promotions allow your entire website to stay fresh. It’s been proven that websites that undergo frequent content changes or promotion rotation have a higher organic ranking status and a higher patient conversion score.

Dentist and Orthodontist promotion example
Dentist and Orthodontist promotion example

MUST-HAVE #3: Clean & Responsive Website Design

As with most medical industries, dental clinics should have a clean and responsive website design built on online marketing and human behavioral research.

The number one priority of your clinic’s website is to boost your online visibility and increase patient intake. Furthermore, your website needs to be mobile-friendly or mobile-first, secure and lightning-fast regardless of whichever device is used to access your site.

Basic website design prototype of denture clinic
Basic website design prototype of denture clinic

MUST-HAVE #4: Selecting The Right Images & Videos For Your Dental Practice

Selecting proper media assets (images, videos & color scheme) for your oral clinic’s website can make or break your site conversion and or patient engagement.

There’s a reason why most people hate going to the dentist. So how do we overcome the fear people have with dentists? We overcome the fear factor by using media assets that make people feel at ease and relaxed—tapping into the emotional part of the human psyche.

Below are a few great examples of images to use on a oral clinic website:

Boy with braces playing on street. Example of great media for dental website
Boy with braces playing on street. Example of great media for dental website
Smiling couple posing for a portrait photo. Example of great media for dental website
Smiling couple posing for a portrait photo. Example of great media for dental website
Happy family smiling and swimming in pool. Example of great media for dental website
Happy family smiling and swimming in pool. Example of great media for dental website

MUST-HAVE #5: Listing Your Dental Services & Hitting the 5 W’s & H

Listing your oral clinic’s services on your homepage almost sounds obvious, right? However, you’ll be surprised at how many dentists and orthodontists miss this step. 

Always make sure to list your services on your website in a clean, easy to read manner. Furthermore, make sure to cover the What, Where, When, Who, Which and How of your services, products and clinic. 

For example, Why should I go to your dental clinic? Or, What sets you apart from your direct competitor?

Frequently Asked Questions Most Dentist or Dental Practice Managers Ask (FAQ):

What Are The Things To Consider While Designing A Dental Website?

The following items are seen as most important when designing a dental practice website:

  1. A mobile-friendly or responsive web design that allows your patients to navigate to your dental services seamlessly,
  2. Creating separate landing or sub-pages for each dental service or product you offer,
  3. Conduct target audience and competitor research to determine website layout and ideal digital marketing strategy,
  4. List your popular dental services in an easily readable format with call-to-action in mind. There should always be an end-goal,
  5. Focus on lean and secure web development techniques. Avoid pre-made themes or templates.

Hiring a professional online marketing agency like Ullaco Corp to assist you with your oral clinic’s site design, development, and online marketing is highly recommended. 

Example of modern web design for dental clinic
Example of modern web design for dental clinic

What Are The Best Social Media Websites For A Dental Practice?

Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are the top social media platforms for dentists, orthodontists and general oral hygiene specialists. Patient video testimonials are one powerful way to boost social media engagement. 

However, make sure you have a short to long-term online marketing strategy in place before taking on social media. Content scheduling is vital to the success of your clinic. 

Social media advertising example
Social media advertising example

Why is digital marketing important for dentists?

Online or digital marketing allows dental clinics to increase their online visibility and boost overall website conversion. 

Furthermore, digital marketing is an umbrella term for several marketing tactics. These tactics include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, strategic website content writing and pay-per-click advertising. 

What are some of the best ways to market a dental practice?

Social media marketing is by far the best way to market any dental clinic regardless of its size or niche. Alternatively, SEO or search engine optimization and pay-per-click are just as effective. 

However, make sure to have a robust online marketing strategy before attempting and marketing or advertising efforts. 

How Do I Hire A Web Design Agency For A Dental Clinic?

First and foremost, you need to hire a web design agency with experience dealing with dental facilities. 

Ullaco Corp is an excellent example of a marketing agency specializing in web design for dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons. 

Things to do when hiring a web design agency for your dental practice:

  1. Ask for a virtual or in-person meeting. You can utilize this meeting to understand a potential web design or marketing agency’s process better. Second, eliminate website design vendors that can’t do in-person or virtual meetings. This is usually a red flag. 
  2. Check Google My Business reviews. GMB reviews are a great way to see the performance of any given organization. Check out Ullaco Corp as an example. 
  3. Do not go for the cheapest! Unfortunately, this is a common mistake most dentists, or dental clinic managers make. Remember, you pay for what you get!
  4. Check the documentation. Who owns the intellectual property once the project is completed? What’s the privacy policy for this project? Are there any dispute resolutions? Are there any in-scope and out-of-scope objectives? Are there any project managers assigned to the project?
Clean responsive website design prototype for dentist
Clean responsive website design prototype for dentist

How do I increase patient flow to my new dental clinic?

Increasing patient flow to your dental practice can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a marketing strategy in place. 

Google Ads, social media marketing and search engine optimization are some of the main ways to boost patient flow or walk-in traffic to your clinic. 

How can I find a good website for dental products?

You find a good website by creating a custom e-commerce solution that’s either built on Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce. 

In addition, get a professional website development company to assist you with creating a site for your dental products. 

E-commerce store selling dental products
E-commerce store selling dental products

How to attract more patients to my dental clinic?

You attract more patients to your dental clinic by implementing a strategic digital marketing strategy and a responsive (mobile-first) yet high-performing website. 

In addition, online appearance and visibility are proven to increase patient walk-ins. 

How to promote a dental clinic by Facebook advertising?

The following are steps to take when promoting a dental clinic using Facebook advertising:

  1. Analyze and select your most popular services by conducting target audience and competitor research. 
  2. Use popular social media posting tools like SemRush or Hootsuite to create a three-month posting plan using the social media posting calendar. 
  3. Create a Facebook Ads Campaign and set your daily budget, target audience and geographic location. Make sure to advertise on Instagram as well.
  4. Create short clip videos of your facility and your staff. This can be used to advertise on Facebook. These videos should not be more than 10 seconds. 
  5. Make sure your ads are short and impactful. Always start with the punch line first. For example, Always wanted an implant? Now is the time. Get a Free no-obligation estimate. Direct insurance billing.

Why is SEO better than other advertising for dentists?

SEO or search engine optimization strategies are great to gain more organic traffic to your website. In general, organic traffic has a lower bounce rate and a higher conversion rate. 

In fact, you don’t pay for organic website traffic, and people would much rather click on an organic website link than an Ads link on the SERP (Search Results Page) of Google or Bing. 

However, search engine optimization or SEO should always be seen as a long-term commitment. Active SEO tactics take time, and in most cases, ongoing content writing and website improvement efforts are required. 

Furthermore, search engine optimization is highly dictated by your industry, location and services you offer. The more competitive your dental market, the more effort and time it would take to increase your website’s organic ranking.  

Modern mobile-friendly prototype example for a dental facility
Modern mobile-friendly prototype example for a dental facility

Overall your dental website should stay up to date with all the latest medical features. Perhaps it’s time to get an experienced company like Ullaco Corp to assist you with your new or existing dental practice website.

Give us a call, book an in-person or virtual meeting and let us show you how we can help you get your website where it should be!