Why eCommerce Is Right For Your Business

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In today’s society, it’s all about turning your hobby into your job and being able to work for yourself. With the influx of mobile phone use, social media, and online shopping, it is opportune to turn your dream job into a reality.

But where do you begin?

You know you have the tools available online to start your business off, but where do you begin your journey to start an eCommerce business?

What Is An eCommerce Business?

The first place to start would be to know what exactly eCommerce is. Next, why it will be useful to you as a business owner.

eCommerce is the act of selling goods or services online. Think of it as an electronic retail store.  There are no limits, eCommerce businesses can vary in size from retail giants such as Amazon to your neighbour who sells handmade candles on their Etsy shop. Online shopping has grown exponentially in the last few years, along with the internet and social media growth. After all, 75% of consumers will make at least one purchase per month through online eCommerce.

The real question for consumers is whether or not to shop online or visit a
physical store?

The influences leading to this decision can be swayed by a lot of variables. Such as, how much time you have and what offers the best value. Still, the decision ultimately comes down to convenience.

Paving The Way For Business' Everywhere


eCommerce is paving the way for how retail businesses will expect to be run in the future. Accessibility 24/7 to products and pricing allows consumers to conduct research, price shop and learn about your company from the comfort of their home.

eCommerce is booming. Since the onset of Covid-19 and with outing and capacity restrictions put in place during the pandemic, the number of eCommerce users will only continue to climb. In fact, 14.1% of global retail sales were e-commerce purchases in 2019. Meaning, even more businesses have moved to eCommerce in the last few months. These businesses had to make sure they didn’t go out of business during the shutdown.


eCommerce allowed businesses’ to stay open online and get their product into the hands of consumers. Companies that adapted quickly have seen success at continuing to reach their target market.

The Reason For eCommerce

Whether you own an online store, a small storefront, or are looking to launch a scalable business, it’s good to know how internet users shop and why they are so drawn to eCommerce.

It's convenient. It's easy. It's tailored to you.

The reason customers take interest in and participate in online shopping can be explained in 4 simple points:

  1. You can purchase from anywhere, even your bed.
  2. Most places offer next day delivery for urgent buys.
  3. There is more product information on the website.
    You can look at reviews and even check other sites to get the full scope of the product or service you are looking to purchase.
  4. The shopping experience is more personalized to your exact needs.
    Ex. If you want to buy a blue knit sweater, you can search for that specific keyword. It will allow you to browse numerous brands all at once to find the exact style, price, and quality you are looking for in an instant.

Factors contributing to the process of eCommerce

girl on cell phone
  • An increase in smartphone usage,
    – Therefore an increase in mobile shopping,
  • Social media and social commerce,
  • Transformative technology,
  • Online marketplaces, and
  • Shopping behaviours have changed from generation to generation.
    – Millennials and Gen Z. are all about convenience, product placement, and influencers motivating our shopping habits. No more door-to-door sales and even going to the store isn’t as popular as it once was.

There is a growing demand and new customers are joining the online shopping experience every day. Why wouldn’t you want more business for your business?

The big question here is, how do you start an eCommerce business that will do well and generate enough consumers and revenue to sustain itself?

Starting Your eCommerce Off Right

Having A Unique Product Or Service To Sell To Your Consumers

Once you have an idea for your company and get all your business requirements set up, such as licenses, permits a structure, etc., you can begin your online setup. Maybe you already run a brick and mortar store that needs to step up its game. With eCommerce, you can keep up with the fast-paced online marketplace. Allowing you to stay one step ahead.

As long as you have a product and a plan in place, you can begin implementing the eCommerce process in order to sell your products online for people everywhere to purchase.

A Well-Developed Website

Start with your business name and create a proper domain name for your website so people can find you on the internet.
If your business is a baking company called Kim’s Cupcakes, but kimscupcakes.com is taken, instead use a similar domain that will still let the viewers know who you are. Examples are kimsdesserts.com or kimscupcakebakery.com.

The design of your eCommerce can be expensive, but it’s also the most critical component. Without it, you can’t sell your product. You need the website to be visually appealing and to interest your viewers. As important are making sure it is functional and user friendly to keep them browsing and buying.

Third-Party Hosting Sites

You can use third-party sites like Shopify to host your eCommerce business; however, if you require something less cookie-cutter and more custom, a web design company such as Ullaco would be your best option for a custom-built website with eCommerce capabilities.


marketing online

You will want to start marketing your company early to make sure people know it’s coming soon. It also to creates anticipation and a good buzz for the business. Implementing SEO capabilities is crucial to help get your new site ranking organically. You want your site to be known and searchable so consumers can use your new eCommerce website to buy whatever they need with ease.

Utilize social media marketing to get the word out about your new business and how and where products or services. After all, 43%
of global shoppers research products online through various social networks.

Social Commerce

As mentioned above, the newer generation are making purchases differently. The introduction of social commerce, such as checkout on Instagram and Facebook, are creating shoppable feeds. Since this began, the e-commerce industry has seen a growth in the influence social media has on what we want to purchase and how we purchase it.

A Plan For Selling Your Goods & Services Combined With Good Customer Service.

Ensure your vendors are ready, your orders can be stocked, and you’re ready to start selling. Prepare for your launch things take off quickly online. And always be ready and willing to answer any questions or concerns from your customers.

Always stay on top of eCommerce trends. Trends online can help you build specific strategies aid in setting you up for eCommerce success in the short term and long term.

Start Your eCommerce Business Today