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Every business is unique, so why should your online shop look like everyone else's? When your business doesn’t fit into the traditional mould, don’t try to force it with a e-commerce web design template. Instead, hire Ullaco Corp to help your business stand out.

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Women's Active Sport Wear

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Take Control Of Your Online Store

Your business requires a fast, reliable and mobile-friendly online store solution. One platform where you can easily sell your products, manage inventory and track outgoing orders. In fact, your online store should be scalable and grow with your business.

Bring your products to life with a fully customizable yet responsive e-commerce development. We create custom website designs that allow our clients to be in full control of their online shop. Book a free consultation to learn more.

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Running Wear

Running wear that's made to last a lifetime. This product comes in multiple size and colour options







$ 156.94

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Why You Should Have a Custom Store

Website builders might be a good solution when you are just starting your business, but you need a site that can grow with it. When you hire an e-commerce website developer like Ullaco Corp, we create the foundation for that growth.

Whether you have a dozen products or thousands, we will provide you with a user-friendly solution that improves sales. All our websites are optimized to be mobile responsive to always show your best look to your customers.

Web Development

What Ullaco Has To Offer

With more than 17 years of website design and e-commerce development experience, we know a thing or two when it comes to creating websites. Our teams of designers, developers and marketers are all in-house so that we can maintain the utmost control over the quality of work we produce.

We Get To Know Your Business

Creating a custom design that speaks to you begins with getting to know your business. After all, how can we market it if we haven't taken the time to learn about it? At Ullaco, we make a point of understanding your needs and goals to create an end product or service tailored to you

Experienced Professionals

At Ullaco Corp, we know that experience matters, especially when you are trusting your business to a third party. We have worked with small and large clients to create custom e-commerce solutions using providers like Shopify, Woocommerce and Magento.

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Full One-Stop Shop

Highly Experienced

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Calgary Team

Proudly Canadian

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Quality & Comfort

Canadian Furniture

Looking for Furniture?

Search Our Inventory
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Sofa Sets

Living Room

Dining Room

Accent Chairs

Gorgeous Chairs
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Dining Room Furniture

Canadian Furniture

Sofa Sets

Living Room

Dining Room

Dining Table Sets

Maple Or Oak Wood
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Sell Your Products Worldwide

Selling your products online has never been easier. Our ecommerce websites are developed to allow you to sell your products anywhere in the world. This comes with hassle-free shipping and label printing, country specific tax setup and geo-targeting.

Marketing your products is just as important as getting them online for your customers. We offer a range of strategic marketing solutions designed to get your products in front of the right audience, no matter where they are in the world.

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E-Commerce Platforms We Use

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We’ve partnered with Shopify to provide a fully-customized online store on their platform using their Rest API.

Why Shopify
WooCommerce online store logo. A WordPress Ecommerce store solution


A long-standing favourite. WooCommerce allows your store to run on the WordPress platform.

Why WooCommerce
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We make use of Magento 2 Open Source or Magento Commerce for all our enterprise customers.

Why Magento

Not sure which platform is right for you? We can help! We've partnered up with multiple e-commerce management solutions to provide the ideal solution that fits your business needs. Book a meeting with a member of our team today.

E-Commerce That Fits Your Business

A website template is great if your business is the same as your competitors. But when you need to add special features or implement custom payment processing, you need an ecommerce website development agency who can create a custom solution.

With a custom design, you won't be restricted by what the template offers. Instead, you’ll get a website that truly works for your business.

Customize Your ShopUnique Layouts

As an entrepreneur and innovative business owner, we're sure you have many big ideas and aspirations for your business and how you want your online store to look. So why settle for anything less?

At Ullaco Corp, our ecommerce design team will make your vision come to life. You can fully customize the look of your online store to make it stand out from the rest.

Add functions like variable products or integrate with services like ShipStation to give your customers the best possible user experience.

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Calgary Designers

Proudly Canadian

Everything You Need From Your Online Store

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Local Calgary bakery storefront using a custom online store or e-commerce with product add-on and membership capabilities

Maximize your sales with product add-ons and bundles. Users can quickly add related products and discounted bundles to their cart, allowing you to upsell throughout the website and organically push your products to your customers.

Product Variations & Attributes

Have different styles, sizes and colours for your products? We can integrate product variations and attributes seamlessly in your online store.

Upselling & Coupon Codes

Everyone loves a deal, so why not sell more products by offering coupon codes to your customers? Our ecommerce website development team can help you integrate coupons and sales that will show directly to your customers.

Online Store Memberships & Subscriptions

A great way to keep customers coming back is by showing them your current promotions. Getting them to sign up for email alerts or to subscribe to your newsletter is one of the ways to do that.

We can help set up a portal on your e-commerce platform where your customers can log in and access their membership information and order history. It will also alert members to perks like free shipping or available loyalty discounts.

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James Wilson

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Advanced Payment Options

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Matercard Credit Card icon. Master Card is accepted as part of our advanced payment gateway options Visa Credit and Debit card icon. Flexible payment gateway integration options Apple Pay logo. Apple Pay can be integrated as part of Ullaco Corp's advanced payment options Discover Credit Card Logo Google Pay Icon. Fully integrated google payment options American Express Credit Card icon. Amex is accepted with advanced payment options

Secure Payment GatewaysAccepting Credit & Debit

When you choose to build a custom ecommerce website, you can choose secure payment gateways for your business. We've teamed up with companies like Stripe, PayPal, Moneris, Chase, Amazon Pay to provide you with a range of options.

These gateways allow you to accept major credit, debit and other popular payment forms like PayPal, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. Give your customers the freedom to pay their way without any hassle.

Simplify Your Payments

Making it easy for your customers to check out is essential. If your store loads too slowly or requires too many checkout hurdles, they may abandon their cart. Let us help simplify the process.

Full Control Of Your Cash Flow

Having access to your hard-earned cash is essential. When you use storefront platforms, your cash flow can get tied up and held. With your custom online store, you have full control of your funds.

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Seamless Shipping Integration

DHL, Canada Post, FedEx & More

No matter which shipping company or companies you use for your business, we can incorporate them into your payment process. Customers will be able to choose from different shipping options and expedite their orders.

Print Your Own Labels

Need shipping labels? No problem. Ullaco Corp will integrate your online store with shipping software so you can automatically print shipping labels — no need to wait around at the post office.

Shipping orders to your customers shouldn't be a hassle. Let us help streamline the process.

Shipping CalculationOn-Demand

Knowing exactly how much an order is going to cost is essential for your customers. If you don’t have a flat fee option, Ullaco Corp can integrate shipping calculation. That way your customers just have to input their shipping address to get an accurate quote.


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Suite 101 340 Midpark Way SE, Calgary, AB

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David Smith


[email protected]

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Suite 101 340 Midpark Way





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Female Calgary business owner helping customer using Ullaco Point-Of-Sale and inventory solution

Inventory Management & Point-Of-Sale

Without an accurate inventory count, you'll have no way of knowing if you can fulfil an order and provide your customers with the service they expect. No one likes receiving a notice that the product they ordered is sold out.

Keep your in-store and online inventory up-to-date and faultless with our point-of-sale integration. Staying on top of inventory management has never been this easy.

Advanced Payment Options & Checkout

Accelerate your checkout process with our advanced payment options. We’ve teamed up with Stripe, PayPal, Moneris, Chase, Amazon Pay and more. Give your customers the freedom to pay their way without any hassle. Start your Ullaco Corp journey today!

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James Ghunter

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4520 1785 4872 7274

Shannon L Jackson

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4520 1785 4872 7274

Shannon L Jackson

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Your Shopify PartnerWhy Choose A Shopify Website Design

Building a quality website using Shopify themes is a way to make your online store dreams come true. Shopify is an adaptable platform great for building a user-friendly website. As your local Shopify partner, we will create an online store that will grow with your business, while keeping security top of mind.

Set, Develop & Leave It To Us

When you hire Ullaco Corp to set up and maintain your e-commerce store, there will be little to no work required on your end. We keep everything running smoothly so you can focus on sales.

Unlimited Products

Shopify is perfect for businesses with a lots of products. With the capability to manage unlimited products, a Shopify site will keep up with you as your business grows.

Highly Secure

Shopify offers excellent security and reliability for customers purchasing online. They are continuously maintaining and upgrading security, so you won't have to worry.

Easy To Use

Shopify is an easy-to-use platform for those who want to be more hands-on with their sales after we've finished with the development and site set up.

Logo of a vancouwer skincare company online Shopify store


Online Store


Our Story

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Products /

Serums /

Pro Active Moisturizing Serum

Shopify online shop product example. Moisturizing serum.


Intensive Moisturizing Serum
shopify eCommerce product ratings gold stars

4.8 of 345 reviews


4 Payments of $17.39 per month

This pro-active moisturizing serum assits with anti-aging and daily hydration. This serum also actively protect your sking from the sun.

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WooCommerce Online StoreWhy WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source, highly customizable e-commerce platform that works in tandem with WordPress. The WooCommerce plugin creates an efficient online shop out of any WordPress site. It's also equipped with multiple payment options and assured transaction security.

Fully Customizable

You won't have to settle with WooCommerce's many customizable capabilities. Our e-commerce web developers will ensure you get all the features you want and need to make your online store successful.

Ongoing Maintenance

WooCommerce is relatively easy and straight forward to maintain. As with any WordPress site, plugins and general system updates must be done on a regular basis.

Low Monthly Cost

Since WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, it is free to add to any WordPress site. It offers more control over what you spend than most other e-commerce platforms.

Flexible & Secure Payments

Not only is WooCommerce customizable, but it has the capability to integrate with thousands of secure online payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, Bambora and more.

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Logo of CarShop local Edmonton Commerce Store


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WordPress Woocommerce shop product example with variable products. V6 Engine High Performance
V6 VTech Engine

High Performance

SKU: 4578CER877V001


4 Payments of $498 per month

Vehicle Make

Select Vehicle Make

Vehicle Model

Select Vehicle Model

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Magento CommerceWhy Choose Magento

Adobe Commerce powered by Magento is a fully scalable website platform that allows its users to grow with ease of site adaptation. Its complex customization options give you complete control of the site and allow your business to express itself online precisely the way you imagined, with few limitations.

Enterprise Solution

Magneto is great for large businesses or businesses requiring fast growth. Its ability to adapt quickly and provide solutions for your business is a big perk.

Supports Complexity

Magento has more customization options than most other online store platforms. These options allow your enterprise to be even more creative with building your online shop.

Allows Full Control

Magento allows its user to have full control of the platform and their website build. It is an open-source platform that will enable you to tailor your site to the needs of your online retail store.

Large Order Management

Magento offers scalable e-commerce solutions. When starting off as a small business, there's always the anticipation of growth. Magneto can handle the increase in products and sales on a enterprise level.

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Online Shop


Our Story

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Products -

Bathroom -

Towels & More

Towel set product example of a custom built magento commerce platform

Plush Towel Set


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High quality towel set. Exmaple product of a online store built in magento 2

Hotel Collection Towels 3 Set


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Bundled product example with variable products in Magento 2 Ecommerce platorm

Spa Entry Package


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