How Azure Bot Service Can Benefit Your Business

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Azure Bot Services uses AI to learn about your customers

With technology changing always changing so quickly, you might as well get ahead of the curve while you’re still ahead. Artificial Intelligence (AI) online bot services are the next way to secure your business with the most capable technology on the market. By using Microsoft’s cloud service program, Azure, you will always be getting more than you bargained for and impeccable service.

What Are Azure bot services?

So, what exactly is Azure Bot Service? Put simply, Azure Bot Service is Microsoft’s version of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot.

Azure's bot services learn from the information fed to it

What Are Virtual Agents, AKA Chatbots?

These virtual agents can offer online chat services without your company needing to create it’s own AI software. Using Azure’s service will save you a lot of time and a lot of resources. Since the platform is already set up through Microsoft, there is no need for coding and no need to fit the bill for it either. Microsoft does it all for you, with experts available on their end for any inquiries and troubleshooting.

Advanced Functions

This service is capable of conversation and will learn about the company slowly. In fact, because of its learning capabilities, it will continue to evolve to serve your customer base better.

It can provide advanced functions such as:

  • Making intelligent recommendations
  • Scale itself to support the growth and traffic of a company
  • Language translation Use “Machine Vision” (AKA computer vision: the ability of a computer to see; by using one or more video cameras. It can convert analog-to-digital for conversions.)

Why Is It So Easy?

It rids the gap between subject matter and experts – anyone can use this chatbot to streamline their business effortlessly.

There will be no need for experts or developers that cost a fortune. You can create your own AI chatbot with Microsoft-guided directions and a no-code interface. So even the most technologically challenged will be able to succeed.

It will obtain questions, and common FAQ’s to help prebuild topics to get you and your AI started. The more information you put in to begin with, the quicker it will learn and adapt to similar situations and questions asked by your clientele. 

Microsoft's Azure works with a number of online channels


The AI chatbots will also configure and be added to multiple different websites and platforms that connect to your webpage. An exmaple of some of the platforms it can integrate with include:

  • Various Apps
  • Email
  • GroupMe
  • Facebook & Messenger
  • Kik
  • Skype
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • SMS
  • Twilio
  • Cortana

What Makes Chatbots So Real?

Azure Bot Service minimizes the IT effort needed to maintain a personal conversation. The bot will be able to hold a natural conversation with any customer or client that has inquiries without it sounding phony and robotic. 

The AI will allow the chatbots to adapt and take action along with sounding fluent and natural. This means it can automate itself using metrics it configures to adjust and improve itself over time.

Azure Bot Services minimizes the IT effort needed to maintain a personal conversation.

Why Is Artificial Intelligence So Important?


When using an AI bot, it can keep you accountable for everything happening on your website. It will keep track of the number of people coming and going, which areas need help, and which areas are doing well. It works 24/7; no need to be monitored by people for it is the monitor.


It helps your business keep track of:

  • Summary charts
  • Engagement over time
  • Session outcomes over time
  • Resolution rates
  • Escalation rate
  • Abandon rates

These can help you track what parts of the website are doing really well and which ones need improvement.

By knowing your key performance indicators, AKA: achievements and flaws, you can better work on the website to fix the issues and continue to improve it.


By using Azure as a middleman for your bot service, it easily allows your company to build bots themselves without needing experts, or coding, or AI proficiency. Anyone can start.

Cuts Costs

By using an Azure Bot Service, it will free up employee time to deal with more complex issues. No more answering common inquires and potentially silly questions. The AI agent will be able to field these questions with ease and capability.

It also saves because there is no need to get an expert to come in and build this from scratch, which would be costly and take numerous hours to complete.

Improved Business

In turn, this will enhance customer satisfaction by allowing your customers to self-help and answer issues quickly, 24/7, using bot conversations.

Overall the benefits of Microsoft Azure’s cloud-based AI platform is well worth the purchase for any business. It never fails to impress the public with how great it performs, how much money it saves and how accessible it is for any company, big or small.

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