How Website Content Affects Your Organic Ranking

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Websites need more than a stellar design and solid development to rank highly on search engines. A quality website is nothing if it isn’t populated by equally effective content.

As our client reviews on Clutch show, we understand that producing high-quality content is key to ranking higher on Google.

Clutch connects businesses like ours to buyers in need of services. Our client reviews prove that it’s possible to improve your online presence with effective content marketing.

This article discusses the reasons why the text content on your website will make or break your digital marketing strategy.

Search Engines Crawl Text Content, Not Images

Web crawlers are not able to process information about graphics on websites.

The only content a crawler can gather from an image is the filename and metadata. This applies to search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

However, engaging images are important for attracting and retaining site visitors. Per the image below, studies show that our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

Website Content as image
Source: TNW

As 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, readers will remain on a visually-appealing site longer.

Engaging graphics increase traffic and session duration, but they aren’t a direct consideration for site rankings. The optimal strategy is a balance between graphics and text.

Search Engines Consider User Experience, Too

Google ranks pages according to the ones that best answer the user’s inquiry.

There are no tips or tricks to raising your ranking — it’s all about creating high-quality content.

In the past, crawlers could be manipulated by keyword stuffing, duplicate content, and auto-generated text. Google released an example of irrelevant keyword stuffing regarding the phrase, “custom cigar humidor.”

Content keyword stuffing
Source: NeilPatel

Practices such as the example above resulted in low-quality websites ranking above high-quality ones.

Now, crawlers consider user engagement metrics to determine if site visitors are having a positive experience.

These metrics include bounce rate (percent of users leaving your site after seeing one page) and the page dwell time (how much time visitors spend on your pages).

If the text on your website doesn’t add value to readers, your bounce rate will increase, and your page dwell time will decrease.

Also, when your text is relevant to readers, it is more likely to earn backlinks, or incoming links from another website. This bodes well for search visibility.

If you want your organic ranking to improve, you must improve the user experience of your website.

Content Tailored to Readers Is Better for Search Rankings

When you write for your readers, you’re also improving your search engine visibility.

There are a variety of tried and trusted methods of writing accessible content that both humans and web bots will appreciate. Here are two examples for how to optimize your content.

1. Separate Text With Headers

Organized headers make web-based content more digestible.

When readers are confronted with a large wall of text, they are more likely to bounce off the page. These headers go from H1-H6, and H1 is often the largest, most important text on the page.

In the past, web crawlers highly considered the keywords inside headers. Now, headers’ largest contribution to SEO is an improved user experience.

Your H1 text, or the title of your content, is the most important because readers look to the title of your page before deciding to read anything else.

An optimal H1 is clear, specific, and relevant. It should be followed by smaller H2 headings to break up the content.

An article that is effectively crafted for the web will include a series of headers with a logical flow, each associated with the content title.

2. Write Clear Copy

When it comes to website copy, the simpler the better!

Website visitors will exit pages with content that they struggle to understand. The less effort readers put into understanding your message, the higher your engagement metrics will be.

In fact, most effective web-based content is written at an eighth grade reading level or lower.

There are a variety of other factors that will positively influence readability.

  • Use transitions between paragraphs
  • Use simple sentence structure
  • Give away the main point upfront

Easy-to-read content will benefit your site visitors while also improving your site’s search engine ranking.

Companies Should Invest in Accessible Content to Improve Search Rankings

In 1996, Bill Gates titled an essay “Content is King” that described the future of the Internet. When your content rules, so does your website. That essay still holds true to date.

Our specialists combine copywriting, design, and SEO tactics to effectively engage site visitors. Seasoned writers will understand how to write for the web while keeping the user experience in mind.

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Source: Clutch

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