Key Features Of A Law Firm Website Design

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When a law firm decides to create a new website, they often don’t realize how crucial it is to have a custom-built design.  This will ensure you don’t overlook key features.

A viewer’s first impression of a law firm could make or break their decision to hire you as their lawyer. To ensure your law firm is coming out above the rest, you need to build your website to impress. Design, good user experience, and content with pertinent details are fundamental components to web design. All of these features improve your firm’s online presence.

For optimal web design, for your next legal website, ensure these key features are present.

Website Design

The first thing that catches a viewer’s attention is the design of the website. Is your firm’s website well thought out and aesthetically pleasing to your audience? Well, that answer should be yes.

The design encompasses visual appeal, readability, and usability. Without good visual appeal and enough creative power to hook the viewer, they will move onto the next website. Therefore you need to work with your digital marketing agency to plan the website out well. You need to catch their attention and then give the viewer the information they need immediately.

Visual Appeal Of A Website

Usually, when people are actively searching for a lawyer, there is a sense of urgency. They need your legal assistance sooner rather than later. This leads us to the readability of the website.

You must present the content with appealing headings. It will provide the necessary information needed without getting too in-depth right away. This will also ensure the site’s usability is easy to navigate. As long as the information is presented in an easy to find format and not too complicated for the average audience, your site will be in a good position right from the start.

Website Content

Creating website content is an integral part of the process. For a legal website, it is even more so. You need to ensure all of the content quickly informs the user. However, it needs to be easy enough for the general public to read without the confusion of the legal jargon. After all, you want your website to be approachable. See the Website we created for Leclair and Thibeault.

No Room For Error

no error

As lawyers, you require accuracy in detail and have specific rules as to what can and cannot be said. When creating a legal website, there has to be clarity with the information provided. Understanding which phrases and terms can’t be altered on the website is crucial. It ensures the interpretation of information doesn’t change or get misconstrued. If the context of something you wrote changes or misreads, by way of the website, it could cost the firm. This is why having a good web design company to work closely with you on the build is important.

Legal Marketing Codes

Professional monitors govern the advertising of marketing professionalism. They ensure nothing misleading, confusing, or deceptive comes up while marketing a professional business, like a law firm. These regulations apply to lawyers based on the codes established by the Law Society of Alberta or whichever province you reside in. They maintain them at very high standards. Having a company understand these rules while marketing your firm could save you from a big misunderstanding in the future.

Educate Your Clients

When you hire a digital marketing agency to create your legal website, you need one that understands the importance of writing to your audience. After all, the website may be about your firm, but it’s not meant for you. Instead, it is for the person who needs legal advice.

A legal website shouldn’t just upsell your firm. It also needs to provide value to the viewers. It should be a place where the audience can see the results of what your practice can do for them. Whether you offer family law, criminal law, case law, or even real estate law, your website must present your firm as a learning tool to get the website viewers to trust you.

Write A Legal Blog

An innovative way to educate clients without making a website too long, especially one filled with legal terms and necessary information, is through blogs. By using blogs, you can get more detailed and fine-tuned information to the public.

Another useful resource is adding recent cases to the website. Now the potential clients can see what you have been working on. It will shine a light on how you’ve handled your cases and all of the success you’ve accomplished. It is both informative and it builds authority that you can handle all types of situations in the courtroom.

Helping Brand Your Legal Website

web branding

Marketing – Landing Pages

Another proven method to ensure your audience knows your law firm’s brand is the one for the job is by creating landing pages. Landing pages allow the user to search for the specific legal need they have. This is once again where the educational component of content writing can come in.

The landing page needs to have the answers to the questions the visitor is asking. It needs to explain to them why your firm is the best. It has to provide how you help clients, and, if possible, list some potential outcomes. Creating a marketing funnel on the page will also help them navigate the site. They will be able to scan through and contact you once they learn more about your firm. Landing pages help the client get what they need right away and help your law firm turn more leads into conversions.

Build Trust & Credibility

Building trust as a professional lawyer is essential to gaining more leads and turning them into clients. People want to relate to you. They want to build a sense of trust if you’re going to be handling their case, and in a way, their personal lives. Their first opportunity to do so can be through your website.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is essential when creating any website. Not only can it build credibility.  Not only that, it will help you look the part of being well established. Your clients want to establish a ‘relationship’ with you. to know their life is in good hands. They’re trusting your firm to save them money, jail time, or help retain custody of their children. Ensure your new website has done its due diligence with attention to detail. From here you can begin to develop a relationship right from the first click on your website.

Attention to detail includes ensuring the website is well thought out and well-edited, like our clients at Lawyer G, in Calgary. There are no spelling or grammatical errors and no bugs or broken links and images. You only have one chance to make an excellent first impression, and your website is it.

Add Client Testimonials


Not everyone wants to admit they have had to hire a lawyer, especially a criminal defence lawyer like our client, Ross Lutz Barristers, for criminal charges. But adding reviews when possible helps add to your firm’s credibility. The more clients can scout your firm before hiring you, the better. It will increase the success you have retaining them when they reach out.

Testimonials humanize the website. After all, everything is done online nowadays, with 70%-80% of people researching a business online first. Plus, it’s nice to put a face to a good review.

User Experience

Everything mentioned above helps create a good user experience for your law firm’s next website. You will also want to ensure the website is built to be responsive, with a clear site layout for easy browsing so visitors can quickly find the information they need.

Responsive Web Design

responsive web design

Did you know that 94% of businesses have their websites made for mobile because the amount of people who use their phones to research services is continuously rising?

This is why creating your law firm’s website with mobile in mind is imperative to your practice. If your website isn’t using responsive web design in its creation, it won’t translate well over to mobile devices. Photos will be too large, and the load speed will slow it way down. Contact sheets will be too big, and users will have to scroll around, fumbling to use the touch screen in an attempt to fill anything out.

Clear Site Layout

Accessibility to the audience is necessary. When people land on your page, they want to know exactly where to find all your resources. Remember to mark the contact and services pages clearly. It is also useful to add call to action buttons throughout the site. They ensure your services are ready for a user to procure at any time.

Add Security Features

Many people, when filling out information online, are concerned about their security. Especially those dealing with a legal matter. You don’t want anyone else to know your personal information. Implementing a sound security system onto your firm’s website is the last piece of the puzzle in ensuring your website will come out above the competition.

law firm web deisgn

If you are starting a new law firm or need to revamp your current law firm’s website to fit the fast-paced online market, Ullaco Corp is the team for the job. We can create a legal website for you that encompasses all of these superb legal web design standards. For more questions or a consultation on your law firm’s website, contact us online or give us a call today, (403) 910-7270.