Learn How To Use Facebook As A Marketing Tool

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Facebook has become a great source of marketing. You can engage with your audience, be personal, and post useful information about your company that anyone can easily access for free. It spans over an audience of 2.5 billion users every month.

Concurrently, two-thirds of them will visit a business page on a minimum once per week. It is the best way for potential customers to scope out your brand and decide if your company is what they’re looking for.

Meanwhile, over 7 million advertisers are actively using Facebook’s services. So, if your Facebook page isn’t up to par or you don’t have one yet, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to reach your audience inexpensively.

Importance of Facebook

Facebook is an excellent source for all businesses, especially smaller ones. It is a tool that will allow companies to grow their domain and start making a statement about what they do and why customers should be on board with their products. A good rule for generating content for it is to make your customers feel like you have answers other companies can’t provide.

Facebook works well if you set up your company’s page with a goal in sight.


Online goals

Three main goals when starting a Facebook page for your business or a new campaign would be:

1. Increase Brand Awareness.

By increasing community engagement, you create more brand awareness. Never leave your social media on the back burner. Always, always, always answer questions and shout-outs promptly. And don’t just focus on yourself. Remember to provide information to followers they want to see or will be useful to them; you shouldn’t be a shameless plug.

2. Increase Web Traffic

By tracking your progress, you can create more web traffic. To gain more web traffic, you need to ensure you are keeping tabs on your progress and what’s working for you and against you. This way, you can continue to do what is working well for your audience and be able to make improvements to gain a greater following.

3. Create Sales

To create more sales, you need to increase the quality of your sales. Make sure you are targeting the correct audience with a well thought out marketing strategy. Use Facebook as a source for improving your reach.

Organic Posting

For a company, using Facebook Ads isn’t always necessary. A lot can be accomplished with organic posting, which can be very effective if the content is done correctly and used frequently.

Though Facebook may be time consuming, it’s made easier by allowing you as the user and busy business owner to schedule and plan out posts ahead of time to ensure you are never letting your page falter.

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Here are the posting styles and what they are all about:

Text Posts

Text – Text post, the most basic post you can create. It only uses text to describe what’s happening or drive a conversation.

Photo Posts

Photo – Photo posts create engagement and catch the viewer’s attention right away. It is a lot harder to scroll past something when a photo from your brand has high visual appeal.

Infographics and illustrations also work well in grabbing the viewer’s attention.

Video Posts

Video – Videos can give a compelling aspect to a brand’s page when done correctly and aren’t too long to detract attention. Using live videos is also another good resource to grab a viewers attention. Video posts see even higher engagement than photo posts when done cleverly.

Linked Posts

Links – Links are perfect for connecting your content to an outside source. Whether it is a call to action to your website or to another blog with information, statistics, or facts about what you are trying to sell or promote, it provides an easy route to the information.

Poll Posts

Polls – Polls are another option that helps engage your audience with your content more. It allows you to find out what they want or how they feel about your content. This sort of engagement helps to build better brand awareness and loyalty because you are asking what the customers want, creating a more personal touch.

Stories & Pinned Posts

Stories & Pinned Posts – These can be used to get fast information out to the viewers. Stories appear on the top of the Facebook News Feed and are not affected by the new Facebook algorithm put in place. The same goes for pinned posts.

Pinned posts allow the user to save a specific post to the top of their page so it doesn’t get lost in their feed. A pinned post can be about an upcoming event, awareness of an issue or a particularly amazing video. Pinning it will help it stay put for all to see.

Driving Engagement

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Ways of driving engagement can be done by simply asking people to engage. By asking questions or using polls in posts, it can help increase your brand awareness and get the word out about your brand’s products and services. Also, since Facebook changed its algorithm, the amount of organic posting most likely won’t reach all of your followers. The advertising game has changed to prioritize posts from users’ closer friends or pages they interact with more frequently.

You won’t be able to reach everyone, but there are ways to increase engagement.


The best method for getting your organic posting seen is by getting your employees and friends to share it. Like most social media channels, they are meant for discussions and sharing content. That means engagement should never be abandoned; it is the core of a social media network.


People mentioned they felt more trusting and connected to a company when their employees got on board and shared content their company was posting. 72% of consumers felt it made the brand more relatable when the workers are passionate about where they work. Employees are essential brand ambassadors who curate authentic engagement in a product or service they believe in.

Friends & Family

By also encouraging friends and family to share your content, more people will have a higher chance of coming across your company. Due to prioritizing friends’ posts, word will get out faster about any news your business has to share.

However, you can still extend this reach a little further by using Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads

If you think it’s time to start using ads to reach more people, it can be incredibly useful. Plus, the advertising they offer is quite economical, comparatively speaking.

Facebook Ads are simply paid content shared to target a specific audience. If you can’t get your company’s brand in front of the right people, your goals will most likely never get met.

Know your audience

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Always have a clear idea of who specifically you’re targeting. It is one of the most important marketing tips, especially on a platform like Facebook, which allows you to use the information your consumer’s display, which ensures their interests line up with your product or brand.

When building a targeted campaign, having an understanding of Facebook Demographics will help. It gives you insight into who uses the platform most. Once you’ve discovered this, you can begin gearing this information towards your brand’s audience.


Your brand’s target audience will first be based on information such as, how old they are, and which gender typically steers towards your product. Next, it’s good to base your target audience off factors like:

  • Location; where they live and where they work,
  • What they do for work
  • Education
  • Past purchases
  • Hobbies

Doing your research to find a receptive audience will help you get the most out of your ad.


Remember to use the 80 -20 rule, use 80% of your posts to inform, educate, and entertain your audience and use the other 20% to promote your brand. You don’t want to bombard your clients with constant promotion.



Facebook is also equipped with Facebook Audience Insights, which allows you to monitor your content. You can see what content is working well for you and what could use some tweaking. It shows how interested your followers are to what you’re posting. It will check all of the small details, stats and information on organic posts or ads.

Who's Receptive

Additionally, you can check how responsive people were who are connected to your page. You can also see custom audiences, and everyone in between, who are responding to each post and at what time of day they were most receptive.

By understanding how Insights work, you can start using it to determine what time of day you should post. It will also guide you on what type of content to post to maintain interest and improve your future strategy.

Facebook Pixel

Another essential tool associated with Facebook is Pixel. Facebook Pixel is set up on your website using code to track conversions and the people who’ve visited your website prior. It also helps you build target audiences for future custom ads.

The Pixel begins working as soon as it’s on your website, so you’ll have custom audience information for remarketing ready right away. It’s best to add it to your website as soon as possible, whether you’re using ads or not because the data it can collect the better.


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Though Facebook has a lot of perks as a marketing tool, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its disadvantages. It can be a fairly overwhelming platform to use.

Facebook is a difficult social platform to use for organic content due to its algorithm favouring posts from close friends. It is also not a tool you set and forget. Like any social media platform, it needs tending to. Without a lot of attention, such as making sure to post, comment to, and reply to followers, your page can be forgotten about pretty quickly.


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Even with its struggles, Facebook’s pros outweigh its cons. Facebook may take a while to learn, especially on the marketing side of it all, but you can get started without paying a dime. This makes Facebook a great social media tool to start with. You can feel it out and get used to it without your business needing to fork out all of its start-up money.

More Options

Facebook also allows you to grasp more sophisticated marketing techniques. Meaning, the more you get to know about your business and the platform, the better advertisements and campaigns you can create as you grow.

More Growth

Facebook’s design is for your business goals both on and off the network. It helps you develop better brand awareness, flourish customer engagements, generate extra store visits, and more, with a few clicks of a button.


Even with Facebook’s algorithm causing issues with getting your posts in front of your audience, if you have enough time to spend expanding your fan base organically, it can be bypassed.

If you want to utilize Facebook as a marketing tool to help your company thrive, but find you don’t have the time to manage it, we can help. At Ullaco Corp, we have a great social marketing team to keep you on track. We can help you set goals, measure results, improve your Facebook marketing strategy, and much more.