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A custom-designed website is only one step in an overall online marketing plan. How will potential clients and customers know where to reach you if they don't know your business exists? That's where we can help. Our experienced team offers a range of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO services to our clients.

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Experienced Search Engine Optimization Services

How often have you searched a phrase in Google or Bing to find a business whose name you can't remember but services you do?

The results that come up are visible due to the keywords and the optimization done on the website. If it's not done correctly on your site, your competitor could get all of the business.

What Is SEO?

SEO involves several techniques to help improve your website's ranking with Google, Bing and other search engines. There's off-page, on-page and technical SEO and each can affect how well your site does.

Why SEO MattersWhy Should You Care?

SEO is the best form of organic marketing. It is a way of driving traffic to your brand's content to increase visibility and create conversions. Therefore boosting SEO is in any business's best interest.

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Expand Your Reach

Traditional advertising still has its role to play for brand recognition, but to reach a broader market, you need a successful digital marketing plan.

Ullaco Corp offers SEO services that create the results you want to see. Our experience helps our clients increase their organic website traffic, decrease bounce rate and improve conversion.

How Do We Increase Your Traffic?

By using proven digital marketing strategies, our team can produce organic results that convert into solid lead generation. Of course, search engine optimization should always be seen as a long term strategy.

Good SEO Marketing Takes Time

Some Calgary web design companies promise instant results. We don't. We know our long-term strategy, using a white hat SEO approach, is what truly pays off.

Our search engine optimization tools and checklists give us a building block for creating a custom plan for your business.

We do this through a combination of competitor research, keyword research and experience gained from working in a digital market. These are vital components that help your overall online presence and organic rankings.

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Different Types Of SEO Tactics

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There are three main types of SEO that every website has to implement to be successful. On-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO are all unique elements that must work together for your site to begin ranking.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-Page SEO is exactly what it sounds like. It is optimization techniques done within individual pages to increase their PageRank. One aspect of effective On-Page SEO is implementing content marketing.

Quality content filled with rich, long-tail keywords written for the reader will always positively impact your SEO.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Off-Page SEO involves tactics that generate interest via outside sources. One of the most important parts is building backlinks. The more quality backlinks your website has, the better it looks in the 'eyes' of search engines.

Technical Search Engine Optimization

Technical SEO involves optimizing your website in ways that not only help with search engine results but also with the user experience.

A technical approach should be at the core of every web design. It involves creating a responsive, mobile-friendly website that loads quickly.

Structured data markup, an XML sitemap and a valid SSL certificate also all play an essential role in helping your website rank.

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Our Calgary SEO experts work on each component to create a robust marketing plan that gets you results. With our strategies, we will grow your leads, improve your rankings and help you bring in new business.

What Our Clients Have To Say

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Jesica Lifely
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Thank you to Ullaco Corp for working with us on our vision and making our new website a reality. Jacques and his team were amazing to work with and catered to our every need. Thank you again



Great Communication


David Walkington
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Ullaco Corp took my website from nothing to the great success story it is now for lead generation and online web presence. Highly recommend them and there professional communication as well as offices make for a great experience during the entire process as well.

Success Story

Lead Generation



Future Green Irrigation
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I own an irrigation contracting company called Future Green Irrigation, and had my site developed by Ullaco Corp last September. These guys have been great to work with. It really is amazing how a great looking website can convert clicks into leads. I often get comments from potential clients on the professional quality of my site. I've seen about a 3 fold increase in leads compared to this time last year with my old website. One thing I really like is that I have access to edit my site and make minor changes to the content, especially the text. With my old web developer, I'd have to email them every time I wanted a minor change, they would take a few days to get to it, and they usually didn't do it the way I envisioned. Plus they would charge me every time they did this. I would highly recommend Ullaco Corp to any business owner wanting to take their business to the next level!

More Leads

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High Quality


Kevin Pitman
Gooogle My Business 5 star review icons for Up In Smoke Welding Apparel

Jacques and his team at Ullaco Corp are extremely knowledgeable about web design. Everyone is very professional. I would recommend Ullaco Corp for any website or SEO applications that your business may have!


SEO Expert

Highly Recommended

Key Factors That Increases Traffic

Website Page SpeedCore Web Vitals

Website security is one of the most essential ranking factors search engines look at. It shows that your website or online presence is credible.

An easy way to determine if your site has an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is to view your address bar.

Strategic Website Content

Optimized content backed with an extensive digital marketing plan and a content strategy goes a long way. Some SEO companies write content to "cheat the system" and promise quick results.

We don't! We aim to create meaningful content that will keep your visitors engaged. An engaged visitor is a potential client.

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User Experience & Website Design

Search engine optimization starts with a solid foundation. Your website design directly affects how your visitors interact with your site. Responsive website design will always increase your Return on Investment.

Google Analytics is a great tool to determine the success of your website and overall design.

Your Business Information

Google My Business is a great tool to optimize your business information. It lets you list your business, your hours and any notices you want to share with customers.

People can also leave reviews and share their experiences with other potential customers.