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5 features every dental website should have

5 MUST-HAVE Features Your Dental Website Should Include

Posted On: October 14th 2021

Popular Article

This article covers 5 Exclusive must-have features any dental practice website should have if they want to succeed with their online marketing. Bonus FAQ's included!

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Custom-built websites for medical clinics

Why Should Medical Clinics Have Custom-Built Site?

Posted On: October 14th 2021

This article explains why medical facilities require a custom-built and mobile-friendly website. Time to dominate your industry!

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steps to improve your online marketing and organic visibility

4 Steps To Improve Your Online Marketing

Posted On: October 14th 2021

This article covers FOUR unique steps you can take to improve your website's online marketing and online visibility. It all starts with YOU!

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Beginners Guide To A Successful Website Design

Beginners Guide To A Successful Website Design

Posted On: September 27th 2021

Your website design, navigation, overall layout and online content are among the most crucial parts of your site.

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how to find the right corporate branding

How To Find The Right Corporate Branding

Posted On: September 27th 2021

Corporate branding and business advertising encompasses many elements. Find out how the right corporate branding can benefit you.

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How to track your websites organic ranking using GSC

How To Track Your Website’s Organic Ranking

Posted On: August 31st 2021

Tracking your website’s organic traffic or organic ranking can be quite tricky, especially if you’re a business owner who doesn’t deal with SEO.

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What is Local SEO and why is it important

What Is Local SEO & Why Is It Important?

Posted On: September 15th 2021

Local SEO or local search is the number ONE way to gain more organic traffic. This article explains the basics of What Local SEO is all about.

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Benefits Of Using Social Media. Create a profile that works

Using Social Media To Benefit Your Business

Posted On: September 15th 2021

Does social media still work for businesses? Social media posting and advertising is a great way to get your message to the masses.

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5 MUST KNOW Techniques to Boost Your Website's organic traffic

Boost Your Organic Traffic. 5 MUST KNOW Techniques!

Posted On: September 16th 2021

What does it take to grow your organic traffic? This article shares 5 MUST KNOW techniques that WILL boost your website's organic traffic.

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6 MUST HAVE features any successful Law Firm Should Have

2021 Local Excellence Award Winner

Posted On: April 29th 2021

For more than a decade, UpCity’s mission has been—and continues to be—to help businesses find B2B service providers they can trust.

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6 MUST HAVE features any successful Law Firm Should Have

6 MUST HAVE Features For A Successfull Law Firm Site

Posted On: August 18th 2021

An in-depth breakdown of key MUST have's any law firm website should have to be successful online and improve website conversion

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Local Calgary 2021 Award for Local Excellence by UpCity

Cutting Edge Web Design Trends 2021

Posted On: February 11th 2021

The online world is so fast-paced that once a trend is in, it could be out again a couple of years later.

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The basics of Schema Markup and how to implement it on your website

The Basics of Schema Markup & How To Use It

Posted On: August 17th 2021

How to implement Schema Markup on your website. Schema Markup is a good step in increasing your websites' online visibility

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Ullaco Corp employee working on a logo design for a client

The Importance Of A Good Logo

Posted On: February 11th 2021

Symbols have been used to communicate with each other for eons. The cavemen did it, the Egyptians did it, and we still do it.

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Local business owner working on her online presence planning

How To Optimize Your Business's Online Presence

Posted On: August 26h 2021

optimizing a business’s online presence is key to boosting online sales; however, it’s no easy task. Here's a full breakdown

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Store manager working on a detailed marketing budget for 2021 to 2022

Marketing Budget: How To Get The Best Value for 2021

Posted On: June 8th 2021

Popular Article

It is suggested that an ideal marketing budget spend should range between 12-20% of your gross revenue. Get your marketing budget and overall marketing plan on track for business growth!

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Ullaco Corp employee working on a logo design for a client

Tips For Branding Your Business Online

Posted On: June 5th 2020

Social media is a key player in the marketing world these days and continues to grow. It provides businesses...

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Local Calgary 2021 Award for Local Excellence by UpCity

A Self Storage Website & Sitelink API

Posted On: March 18th 2018

Ullaco Corp recently designed, developed and implemented a premium website for a storage company in Calgary.

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Woman busy writing blog a blog for her small business

How Blogging Is Important For Your Business

Posted On: February 18th 2021

What does it take to write a compelling blog article for your business. Blogging can help grow your organic ranking

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Store manager working on a detailed marketing budget for 2021 to 2022

5 Best Payment Gateway Options For E-Commerce

Posted On: June 18th 2021

Popular Article

There are many payment gateways out there to choose from to use for your online e-commerce shop. We thought we’d make a reputable list of the top payment gateways to use that we can implement on your e-commerce website.

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What Our Clients Have To Say


Jesica Lifely
Gooogle My Business 5 star review icons for Printerworks West

Thank you to Ullaco Corp for working with us on our vision and making our new website a reality. Jacques and his team were amazing to work with and catered to our every need. Thank you again



Great Communication


Allyson Simpson
Gooogle My Business 5 star review icons for Up In Smoke Welding Apparel

Working with Jacques and his team has been a good experience. We have appreciated their thoughtful questions and technical solutions to help our company grow. For anyone looking to set up their website for scalability, security and performance I'd recommend Ullaco.


Great Experience



Jillian Williamson
Gooogle My Business 5 star review icons for Ross Lutz Barristers

Jacques and his team have been so amazing. I'm so glad we chose them to help us build, maintain and optimize our site. We are a larger group and he's been so patient and accommodating to us as we go through this stressful time. His team has done and continues to do amazing work. I'm very much looking forward to a long working relationship with this company. I highly recommend them.


Amazing Work

Highly Recommended


Ken Reid
Gooogle My Business 5 star review icons for South Peak Roofing and Exterior

We had Ullaco re-do our old and tired website. We have multiple locations, which meant there was a lot of re-work & pages to be done. The result of the finished website has been outstanding! We are extremely please with the outcome and are already seeing the results from this! And the Ullaco team is great to work with as well! Thank you so much for all the hard work! Ken, South Peak Roofing & Exteriors.

Hard Work

Extremely Pleased


Our Process & How We Work

Free Consultation


We always provide free, no-obligation consultations at our Calgary head office located on MacLeod Trail, or by booking a virtual Teams meeting.

Detailed Estimate


We believe in transparency. Which is why we provide a detailed Statement of Work document outlining the entire project from beginning to end.

Website Planning


Our website design projects are built on a solid marketing strategy. All our projects are based on target market and competitor research.

Goal Completion


In addition to a kick-off meeting at the beginning of every project, in-scope milestones with planned & detailed deadlines are always set up.