Basic Tips For Branding Your Business Online

A social media manager trying to organize content.
A social media manager trying to organize content & figuring out branding.

Social media is a key player in the marketing world these days and continues to grow. It provides businesses and their brands a platform to connect, engage, and foster growth with their clientele. But it also offers an opportunity to secure newcomers into being long time loyal customers.

The best way to kick your social media up a notch is to pay attention to these essential branding tips.

Brand Promotion

Social Media Icon In A Tablet.
Social Media Icons In A Tablet.


When creating a social media page for your business, you want it to be presentable. Just like when you meet someone face to face for the first time, you want to make a good impression. Essentially you are making an online storefront, so the same rules apply.


When choosing a photo of your online business, you want it to be professional without being too stuffy, so people will think you’re friendly and competent. After all, it is the face of your business and the first thing customers will see.


The content for your social has to accomplish everything you do in person. It has to be a handshake, a friendly greeting, and of course, your elevator pitch about what your business does and why it does it best.

Your business profile should tell a story about who you are, why you do what you do, why this business is important to you, and how it helps people.

Be sure to write everything in first person, as though you were having a conversation with the shopper. It will create a more personalized message and have a natural flow, making the consumer more inclined to stay on your page and browse and even buy.


People discussing branding strategy.
People discussing branding strategy.

Be sure to write everything in first person, as though you were having a conversation with the shopper. It will create a more personalized message and have a natural flow, making the consumer more inclined to stay on your page and browse and even buy.


Use reviews from past customers to prove your worth to newcomers. People are more inclined to listen to previous customers about their personal experiences with your brand rather than reading just what your business has to say. (Obviously, you are going to be a bit biased towards your own business). Therefore, if you allow others to read what has been written about you and your brand, they will be more likely to listen and more likely to come on board.


Everything your brand posts is also a great way to track the credibility of your business and brand. By sharing relevant facts and information it demonstrates how well you know the industry and your potential clients.

It is also good to share and post things that aren’t related to your company, but relevant to the community. It adds a personal touch to your brands’ page. It provides value to your followers when they can see how much you care. By updating your social media with news articles and important announcements (especially in a time of crisis), you can help out your community, especially to those who don’t pay attention to the news regularly.


Know Your Audience

Website with Neumorphism design trend.
Digital Audience Blocks.

If you are not sure who your brand is directed towards, you may have trouble grabbing their attention. It’s a good idea to layout who is receptive to your brand and who you want to be receptive to your brand. Then you can figure out how to market to them. Finally, once you have an idea of your audience’s wants and needs, you can start creating your social media presence with them in mind.

You don’t want to try and gear your brand to anyone and everyone. If you do, your message and what your brand can offer will get too cluttered. You will end up getting less response from everyone.

You want to have a clear message, something straightforward that your audience and your potential audience can get behind.


A person trying to schedule an appointment.
A person trying to schedule an appointment.

Scheduling your posts correctly will help ensure that you are never leaving your accounts to the wayside.

Scheduling Platforms

Though social media can be a time-consuming task, it can be made easier for you. Facebook has its own scheduling system in place. However, platforms such as Tweetdeck (for Twitter) and Hootsuite for almost any, and all social platforms can allow you to get your posts ready and scheduled ahead of time. Meaning, you never lose an opportunity to let your brand shine.

Online Resources & Data

There are also a lot of resources and online data out there for these social platforms allowing you to know which days and what times posting is most useful. This way, you can schedule your posts for the perfect time when you’ll have the biggest audience. Leaving your social media channels empty can harm your brand quite a bit. People don’t want to feel forgotten about, especially if they are used to seeing your content on a regular basis.

Track Results

Data Tracking dashboard in dark theme.
Data tracking dashboard in dark theme.

Use insights on all of your social media platforms to figure out what you have going for you and what could be tweaked for your benefit. The best way to start is by jumping straight in. Once you’ve begun, you can track your existing efforts and go from there.

Online Resources & Data

Based on the data your social media platforms can gather for you, you can figure out what is working and what should be changed. It can identify things like the times of day you’re posting at may not be very responsive. Since you know this, you can now make adjustments to your posting times and see what these new results yield.

This type of information is crucial for making your brand more noticeable. If you adjust your brand to fit the narrative your customers and audience are responding to you can gain a lot of business.


Desk with laptop, coffee & goals diary.
Desk with laptop, coffee & goals diary.

Always aim towards a goal and make sure it is obtainable.

It’s good to set up goals for your business along the way, even when it comes to social media. This way, you can stay on track and have a little confidence boost once it’s achieved. Don’t overdo it though, make sure the goals you set for yourself and your brand can be achieved little by little. If you go too big, you can become overwhelmed and lose focus.

Your brand is what your business sells, it’s what your business’ message is, and it’s what your business’ culture is. So remember to be wise about how you present yourself to the world and if you need help getting your company’s social media off the ground, contact us at Ullaco Corp, we are here to help.