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Your website is your virtual storefront. It is the 'staff member' that greets customers when your business is closed. More people than ever will browse your website before ever making contact, which is why it has to look great. At Ullaco Corp, we want to help you put your best look forward.

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Our Calgary web design company has been providing beautiful, custom websites to our clients since 2015. All of our projects begin with getting to know you and your business. We want to know everything about what makes your business tick so we can create a robust digital marketing strategy.

No Cookie Cutter Web Designs

We pride ourselves on avoiding the "Cookie Cutter" website design approach. We don't believe in using templates, which is why every website we build begins with understanding your vision.

Custom Website Designs

All our design solutions are custom made to fit your business goals, branding and marketing plan.

Responsive Designs & Mobile First!

We only create custom mobile-friendly and responsive websites aimed at increasing website conversion. In fact, Ullaco Corp has won multiple awards for being one the best Calgary web design agencies.

Web Development Explained

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Your Online Presence

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A Full In-House Experience

Our Calgary web design services increase your overall website traffic and brand awareness. As part of our services, we provide a full, in-house experience. Most importantly, we do not outsource. Our staff are Calgarians who know the city and its people.

Skyrocket Your Organic Traffic

Website traffic is essential for the success of any website. Traffic is the people visiting the site, the ones who are interacting and potentially buying your product. With that said, your website design and SEO both directly impact the success of the website.

We've helped multiple small to large businesses increase their website traffic by almost 200%. How do we do this? Simple – a responsive website design, custom web development, and a robust marketing strategy.

Stunning Web Design For Your Calgary Business

Creating a stunning website with a high Return On Investment (ROI) starts with understanding its core purpose. A simplistic yet efficient design is the key to a successful web solution.

We've experienced this firsthand. An aesthetically pleasing website results in visitors staying longer on your website.

Excellent content marketing and a great layout add to the experience for your visitors. Thus, increasing your conversion rate and improving organic search results.

Website designer at Ullaco Corp in Calgary working on a wireframe prototype

Improved Web Design Equals Customer Engagement

Color and Typography meeting to discuss new project. Part of our custom Calgary Web Design services

Tailored To Your User Experience

As mentioned above, a great Calgary web design should be tailored to your customers' user experience and interaction. Overall, website builders and do it yourself website templates lack the core fundamental marketing strategy and purpose.

Focused Usability & Accesibility

We focus on the key aspects that will improve your website's usability, accessibility and overall user experience. In other words, we design and create websites that make an impact on your website visitors.

Certified & Trained Developers

Our website development team is certified and trained to deliver a well-optimized website. This involves using various SEO tools, marketing strategies and experience to create the best site for your business. Your website needs to look stunning yet load lightning fast.

We Analyze - Design - Optimize

Detailed Marketing Research

Most successful website designs stem from proper market research. After all, your website will not generate the return you want if it doesn't target or captivate the intended audience. An online marketing plan, backed by competitor research, is essential for ensuring great results.

Analyze Your Marketing Plan

As with all our projects, we take the time to analyze your entire marketing plan and online presence. We've seen that a great Return On Investment starts with understanding your basic marketing plan and business model.

Boost Your Corprate Identity

In most cases, creative yet strategic website design will improve your corporate identity and product or service awareness. Captivating website design allows visitors to stay engaged. The result is an increased conversion rate.

Ullaco Corp staff conducting a detailed marketing research plan as part of our Calgary Web Design services

Selecting The Right Design Firm

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Custom Website Design

Agency That Fits Your Needs

At the end of the day, you need to select a Calgary web design agency that fits your needs. In most cases, digital marketing agencies promise the world to potential clients just to sign a deal.

We don't! Our philosophy is honesty and transparency. Our design firm knows what works and what doesn't.

Honesty Integrity

Think of it this way; you would not hire a legal firm that only tells you what you want to hear. Instead, you hire a legal firm that's honest, to the point and can significantly benefit your legal needs. We are the same.

We are a Calgary web design agency with an excellent track record and multiple success stories providing a phenomenal experience.

Ullaco Corp's Calgary Web Design Process

Analyze, Audit & Research

Research is a fundamental part of every Calgary web design and development we do. We take the time to analyze your current website. This gives us insight into how well it is performing. Our auditing process allows us to pull detailed reports that we use as a guideline for your new website.

Strategic Website Content Writing

As part of our marketing services, we provide all our clients with engaging consumer content copywriting. A well-optimized website consists of having great website content and pairs hand in hand with the design and SEO elements that attract users. Our approach involves unique content based on market research.

User Functional Testing & More

We conduct functional and behavioral testing once a website is near completion. This allows us to ensure all the Calgary web designs we deliver are well-optimized and ready to increase conversions. We use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to conduct our website testing.

Custom Calgary Web Design Tailored For You

Our Calgary design team uses industry-standard design principals to create stunning yet cutting-edge designs. These are backed by our thorough market research, target audience research and cognitive user behavior.

Optimized Website Development

Our certified Calgary web development team uses the latest technologies to deliver efficient mobile-friendly website solutions. Our websites are built to be lean, fast and responsive for all devices, from desktop to tablet and mobile.

Website Development To Production

Websites are set to move in production once our clients are satisfied with the end result. All our sites are equipped with a proactive site backup and search engine optimization strategy. We also offer dedicated hosting solutions to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. Where Is Your Office Located?

Our Calgary head office is conveniently located in Midnapore, just off of MacLeod Trail. You can find us at Unit 101 340 Midpark Way SE.

2. Do You Offer In-Person Meetings?

All of our clients have the option to come to our Calgary office for meetings. If you prefer an online meeting, we have a state-of-the-art video conferencing system and are more than happy to accommodate a video call instead!

3. Do You Handle Social Media Marketing?

Yes, we do! Ullaco has a dedicated social media team that will help you create a social media campaign and achieve your business goals.

4. How Do I Pick The Best Website Design & Digital Marketing Agency In Calgary?

It all comes down to quality and industry experience. So when you choose Ullaco, you select a Calgary-based digital marketing agency with years of experience along with a spotless reputation.

5. Why Is Choosing A Top Quality Website Design & Marketing Agency Important?

Anyone can create a website, but not everyone can do it the right way. We focus on developing premium top quality websites for all of our clients with a marketing plan in mind to get your business to the next level.

6. Can You Help Me With Creating Branding Materials?

Ullaco has a team of talented designers, and we can certainly help you create branding materials, including a logo and a brand design guide.

7. Why Should I Hire An SEO Professional?

We are SEO experts in Calgary and can help you improve your organic ranking and drive traffic to your website. Our agency keeps up to date on all new SEO developments to make sure your website keeps performing well.

8. Do You Work With Small Businesses?

Yes! No project is too big or too small for the Ullaco team. We love working with small local businesses to help them increase revenue.

Our Process & How We Work

Free Consultation


We always provide free, no-obligation consultations at our Calgary head office located on MacLeod Trail, or by booking a virtual Teams meeting.

Detailed Estimate


We believe in transparency. Which is why we provide a detailed Statement of Work document outlining the entire project from beginning to end.

Website Planning


Our website design projects are built on a solid marketing strategy. All our projects are based on target market and competitor research.

Goal Completion


In addition to a kick-off meeting at the beginning of every project, in-scope milestones with planned & detailed deadlines are always set up.

What Our Clients Have To Say


Brandon Potts
Gooogle My Business 5 star review icons for Printerworks West

Working with the professionals at Ullaco was nothing short of a great experience. My problems were met with intuitive and creative solutions that will help my business not only rise above my competitors, but make sure we stay there for years to come.

Great Experience


Creative Solutions


National Star Roofing
Gooogle My Business 5 star review icons for Up In Smoke Welding Apparel

We are a local construction company that have tried doing the web design and maintenance the do-it-yourself way, the one part-time IT guy and random calling web company from Silicone Valley. The internet has always been a challenge for us untill we met these guys. The Ullaco team was referred to us and a brighter time started showing in front of us from the first meeting. We started our dealings in 2018, developed a much needed new website and have them manage our internet presence on a regular basis. A large weight has been taken off our shoulders as most residential clients come from the internet. The team is very friendly, accommodating and professional to the customer, fit for all aspects of the services they offer and very happy working with each-other.



Brighter Time

Ross Lutz Barristers Criminal Law Google My Business review profile picture
Jillian Williamson
Gooogle My Business 5 star review icons for Ross Lutz Barristers

Jacques and his team have been so amazing. I'm so glad we chose them to help us build, maintain and optimize our site. We are a larger group and he's been so patient and accommodating to us as we go through this stressful time. His team has done and continues to do amazing work. I'm very much looking forward to a long working relationship with this company. I highly recommend them.


Amazing Work

Highly Recommended


Ken Reid
Gooogle My Business 5 star review icons for South Peak Roofing and Exterior

I've had a great experience working with Ullaco. The staff we worked with were very knowledgeable about the development process and employed a tasteful business design aesthetic in their projects. Highly recommended.


Highly Recommended

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