SEO Link Building Strategies

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Link building and backlinks are an essential part of the SEO process. One way to up your SEO game is to start using backlinks. The use of backlinks, AKA inbound links and link building creates authority for your page and website. Thus, generating proper backlinks to your page can help you rank higher in search engine results. In turn, this produces growth in business and revenue for your company.

We are here to give you the rundown on link building strategies that will tie into your SEO and help increase traffic for your website.

What Is Link Building/Backlinks?

In its simplest form, link building is a way of getting other websites to link to a page on your website, causing you to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

The key is getting already established sites to link to your quality content. It gives you the stamp of approval for others to follow suit naturally. As others follow suit, it allows your content to be liked, shared, commented on and best of all, linked to. In turn, you are increasing your search engine ranking, creating a positive feedback loop.

Why Is Linking So Important?

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This is important because when search engines, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, see that the content you’ve created is linked, it becomes vouched for, meaning it’s worth something. These links to your content show that you are well known. It also equates that with being more important and more relevant in search engines’ ‘eyes.’  When websites with authority enjoy your content, others are bound to as well, thus improving your rank on SERPs.

However, it isn’t the number of backlinks you have but the quality of the other pages linked to you, which gives you more notoriety.

Finding The Correct Backlinks

Meanwhile, some websites do the opposite. Websites that appear spammy or of lower quality will have a negative effect on your website. Be careful when connecting in this way because it could drop your SERPs if you don’t do your due diligence by ensuring the site’s content is good quality, page authority is respectable, they have proper search engine accessibility, and so on.

Creating Quality Backlinks

Creating and earning quality links can be challenging, and knowing where to start can be even harder, especially if you are a smaller company just starting out.

It takes time and thought to get these relationships off the ground so you can start building links in a way that will help you rank.

Ways To Get Started

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It helps businesses gain exposure within the community. This way, you can connect with another business or well-known figurehead within the community, write a blog for them, show off your skills, get their endorsement, and they can link back to your site for increased viewership.

Editorial Links By Having Quality Content

These are one-way links another website will place on their website or blog naturally because they think you have something important to say, they are impressed with your work and want to share it.

If an event takes place that you can be a part of, you will get people who may not have noticed you, to take notice. This exposure can lead to a new audience. They will see you are doing good for the community and allow you to network with other businesses interested in helping the same cause. This could lead to guest blogs, influencer shoutouts, and more.

Building relationships with other businesses who have an excellent online presence and authority is key to creating more engagement and authority for your own content.

Use Your Social Media To Your Advantage

Allow for others to take notice of your socials and re-post, re-post, re-post. The more they share your content, the better.

Exchanging Links

Link exchanges are when webmasters are looking to give and receive links from fellow bloggers and website owners. Doing this will increase your site’s trustworthiness and authority. Just be careful you are vetting these sites first to ensure they aren’t duds, which can actually bring your SERP rank down.

Reciprocating Shoutouts

When you let another company know how good their product, service, or advice was, they tend to shoutout back at you, with a big thank you endorsement. This helps both parties gain more online exposure. Plus, if the person or product you are praising is already a top ranking on SERPs, you will eventually follow.
The same thing works for your business, too. Don’t leave a shoutout unnoticed, and be sure to thank them with a link.

Gaining Influencers Approval

If you can connect with a known influencer and get them to link their social media, website, or blog back to you, it will be sure to give you a massive boost in viewership and ranking.

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Competitive Backlink Research

Even with the SEO link building strategies listed above, backlinks can be difficult and time-consuming to earn. One way of easing this process along is with competitive backlink research. You do this by observing the backlink profile, which is the compilation of pages and domains that link to a website. This allows you to gain more insight into a competitor whose backlinks help them rank well for your keywords. This can help you target domains that will help you create more authority to rank better for those same keywords and outshine your competitors.

Backlink Tools

There are backlink tools that will help you accomplish this. It’s best to look at a few options to see what will work best for your business needs. You can even check your own page to do a self-audit on how well you rank and how your backlinks are holding up.

Link building is an effective way to obtain a higher ranking on search engine results and good online PR. Successful link building is about trust and popularity. Creating a proper buzz around your business through link building only works with high-quality backlinks. If you need help with your SEO link building strategies and ranking on SERP’s contact Ullaco Corp. We can help you achieve better SERP rankings and backlinking networks for you to utilize.