Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

Coffee shop uses digital marketing for their small business

Running a small business can be difficult. Between bringing in new clients and learning how to handle your market share, difficulties can arise quickly, leaving you with little time to adjust. Luckily, most of these troubles are solved with one simple and effective tool – digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is a generic-sounding phrase that has been thrown around a lot in recent years. You may even be asking yourself, ‘what’s the benefit of digital marketing for small business owners like myself?’

That’s where Ullaco Corp and this blog come in. We are excited to say that there are so many benefits that we couldn’t feasibly fit them into a single blog post. So to narrow it down, we will highlight a few critical benefits digital marketing presents to a small business.

Digital Marketing Gets Your Name Out There

Advertising and marketing are essential to bringing business into your company, especially in its infant stages. Without people being aware of your brand, there is little to no way to gain traction. Without traction, your brand doesn’t spread, and your loss of ROI (return on investment) can affect your bottom line. 

Unfortunately, advertising costs money and can be a hard pill for many small businesses. But with digital marketing, there are cost-effective ways to build brand recognition. In fact, with properly planned digital marketing services for small business campaigns, you can easily share your company’s name with the world.

This is exciting news for anyone who has had to juggle various marketing contracts, as it is simple and easy to get yourself out there. Furthermore, with proper usage of tools like social media and search functions, your SEO (search engine optimization) can handle marketing for you, bringing users to your site with the click of a button. 

Google Ads and Meta Ads (formerly known as Facebook) are great ways to build an audience, with their ability to target users, causing them to stand out above the rest in the digital marketing sphere. These services also allow comprehensive data tracking for your small business. This matters because watching what content works and making sure that it gets traction is effortless.  

Person studying digital marketing for small business
Person studying how to utilize digital marketing for small business

Better Connect With Your Audience

The real-time ability to interact with your market share makes digital marketing innovative in how people advertise. For example, you see higher conversion rates and a higher ROI when you can respond to inquiries quickly with a chatbot or answer questions instantly through DMing (direct messaging). 

While these seem very straightforward, along with replying to comments on social media posts, another great digital marketing for small business opportunity that’s underutilized is hosting live events. Live events give you a chance to speak directly to your market share.

Why Interaction Matters

When you reply to a comment, you are not only posting a reply to that person; you are telling your audience you care enough to read the comments. This may not seem like it would significantly affect how your brand is viewed. Still, studies show the market is shifting to a human-to-human approach, where clients prefer being communicated with in ways that build relationships. 

Understanding this is vital to the sustainability of your digital marketing plan as a small business and can make or break your brand in the eyes of your audience. People who see you interacting with others are more likely to comment. The more comments a post has, the more likely the algorithm will pick up the post and spread it. This factor is key to building a digital reputation, with digital virality being the source of many brand’s growth in the modern age.

Digital Marketing Makes It Easier To Find Leads

Automated processes that focus on the audience you want for your brand make it easier to generate quality leads and increase your conversion rates. Tools like effective social media marketing also make it so that your leads are empowered to come to you, saving you the work of needing to reach out to potential misclicks.

When we discuss automated processes, various tools bring up different metrics for you to utilize. For instance, there are Google Ads, Semrush, Meta, and many more that make it so you can see the data that provides you with good leads.

Google Ads 

Google Ads help bring in more phone calls, bring more people to your location, and increase sales. Google Ads works so well because of the population that uses Google as their primary search engine. With most people googling keywords every day, Google can target your website to them by placing you on the first page of their search results. 

This means that if individual searches for keywords relevant to the ones you flag on your website, building on the social media process, you appear to more individuals than you would have otherwise. Google’s innovative marketing also generates data for you to see and use to your benefit, making digital marketing services for small business more accessible than ever.  


Semrush is a valuable tool that helps you identify keywords and targeted demographics, making it easier to zero in on what you consider quality leads. In addition, it allows you to focus on your valuable market share for your business’s growth and development. With that focus, you can be confident that any lead you bring in will be high quality and have the potential to convert into a sale. 

Keywords may seem complicated, but they are needed in a small business’s digital marketing. Think of it this way: keywords are a way for search engines to hook onto your website. When you use tools like Semrush, you can see the difficulty of ranking for that keyword and its cost, making it easier to calculate a potential ROI. 

We recommend that small businesses use low to medium competition keywords that you feel are a reasonable cost per click if you opt to add paid advertising as part of your strategy. When building your digital marketing plan for your small business, it is essential to remember that the more prominent your online presence is, the more leads you will generate.


Meta, as previously discussed, has a set of tools in its suite that allows users to see various pieces of data that inform them on how to handle their social media strategy. Specifically, Meta enables users to see optimal posting times, so their content has better reach. 

This tool is valuable to ensure you aren’t posting to the void and that actual users see your posts. When active users see the more your posts, the more effective your marketing strategy will be. Likewise, you will get more leads when your marketing strategy is more effective. Therefore, social media is essential in effective digital marketing for a small business.

Man using digital marketing for small business ecommerce
Man using digital marketing for small business ecommerce

In Conclusion

Digital marketing for small business is not always easy, but using modern technology to market to your audience is essential. This process can become easy and quick with the right tools, saving you time and money. However, it is important to note that if you lack experience with digital marketing, looking for a small business marketing agency like Ullaco Corp would be beneficial. 

At Ullaco, we take pride in our ability to build and sustain a company’s online presence, and we are always looking to lend a hand to small businesses that need help growing their online brand. However, we also know that the costs of getting started can be a challenge for some companies. 

The Government of Canada has also recognized this issue and has created the Canada Digital Adoption Grant to assist businesses looking to get online. You can apply online for funding to help you start the process today. 

Ullaco Corp is an industry-leading website design and digital marketing agency in Calgary, Alberta. We’re here to be your partner in success. Call us today or go to our website to book a no-obligation consultation and see how we can help you today – 403-910-720.

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