How Blogging is Important For Your Business

Woman working on her new blogging article. Testing on her mobile phone.
Woman working on her new blogging article. Testing on her mobile phone.

Many businesses assume that once they have their website set up, they are good to go. This is true in a sense; however, to really keep your business thriving and people engaged with your website, it’s a good idea to start blogging.

Blogging for your business is crucial for making your brand and presence known online. Blogging will increase your search engine optimization (SEO) and your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP).

Blogs also enhance your content, add important keywords, and creates more engagement on your site and social platforms. Having a blog is no longer just an online journal for people to share their thoughts but a learning and teaching tool to prove you are an expert in your field.

Rebecca is working on enhancing her website blog content.
Rebecca is working on enhancing her website blog content.

Blogging Drives Traffic To The Webpage

Having a blog for your business can help drive traffic to your website. If you provide engaging and relevant information to your audience, it will draw consumers back for repeat visits.

Website Backlinks

When you create a blog post for your website, you are creating valuable content to attract viewers. This valuable content can then be used as the foundation for your social media content.

The content will lead your followers straight to your website via backlinks by posting your blogs to your social accounts. Once on your site, they can check out other blogs, services you offer and even be converted. Backlinks are extremely crucial for driving up web traffic through blogging.

Guest Blogs & Guest Blog Posting

Another good way of getting backlinks is through writing guest blogs. If your company can partner up with another company in your industry, you can write blogs for each other. It gives the website a new perspective, keeping the audience intrigued.

It creates more organic traffic for your website because when your partner company posts your blog to their site, their audience is one click away from you—giving their followers a reason to click through your website, making them your new followers.

Shannon getting ready to shoot her first Vlog for her flower business
Shannon getting ready to shoot her first Vlog for her flower business

Boost Your Search Engine Optimization & Ranking

A regularly updated blog can play a huge role in the success of your website. Search engines love fresh new content that is relevant to your audience. By creating consistent blogs with quality content, Google, Bing, and other search engines will reward you with a higher page ranking when blogging is done properly.

Plus, the higher your ranking, the more people will see your website. It allows for a new audience who doesn’t know who you are yet, to explore everything your business offers them.

A sure-fire way of helping your blogs rank higher on SERP is by using keywords.

Added Keywords

A blog can improve SEO by using keywords. Each blog will add to the keywords you rank for. By increasing keywords on valuable content such as blogs, you create more indexed pages.

With more indexed pages, there’s more for search engines to crawl on your website. When search engines have more to crawl for, you will end up in more search engine results pages. Thus, giving you more viewers and more sales.

An excellent way to increase your keywords for your blog posts is to create lists of the keywords and themes you want your business to rank for. These words are ones you think people will search for in hopes of finding your business to solve their problem, giving you a new lead.

Organic traffic is a great way to build your customer base with smaller funds and continue to grow it in tandem with paid marketing when the time comes to do so.

Blogging Creates Organic Traffic

By using SEO on your blog posts, it will help generate organic traffic for your website. Finding ways for businesses, especially small ones, to drive traffic to their websites for free is necessary. Blogs are essential for attracting potential clients without running a costly ad campaign.

The audience starts with a problem they don’t know how to fix, so they search for an answer online. Therefore, it’s important you are using the correct keywords. You want to be the solution that appears on their search engine results page.

Having a blog that answers the users’ questions thoughtfully and gives them something valuable to take out of it, will encourage them to come back to your website, see the call to action button, purchase what you’re selling, and become a loyal customer.

James actively working on his organic traffic by writing impactful blogging content.
James actively working on his organic traffic by writing impactful blogging content.

Valuable Target Driven Website Content

When writing a blog, you need to ensure the content you are writing is of value to your audience. The content needs substance to keep the viewer engaged. Blogs and organic content work differently from advertisements because the viewers learn something from your content.

It’s not just seeing a self-promoting ad with a link at the bottom. Though, yes, these paid ads do work too, blogs provide content to keep your audience interested.

However, valuable content can educate and stimulate the readers looking for results. They will have a better understanding and value of what you can offer them as a company with products or services they are looking for.

Blogging Conveys Credibility & Authority

Blogging adds credibility and authority to your company. When creating a blog, you are presenting yourself to the online world as an industry expert.

You want to write quality content that gives your readers an understanding of how good you are at your job. With a blog, you don’t just tell them you are an expert. You show them through your knowledge of the subject you are selling.

This display of knowledge creates trust, creating a relationship with your returning or potential customer

Connects People To Your Brand

Blogging also shows your audience your brand’s personal side, which can help convert customers and keep current ones engaged in what you’re doing. Blogs give viewers a sense of character.

They show off your brand’s vision. They prominently display the personality of your business and the culture you’ve created within the industry.

April is focusing on her websites User Experience and User Engagement
April is focusing on her websites User Experience and User Engagement

User Interaction & Engagement

Using blogs is also a great way to keep your audience engaged. If you’re creating useful content they want to read, they’re more likely to respond to it and share it. Thus, giving you more viewers and website interaction.

This is especially true if you’re posting your blog content on social media. The increase in engagement will create a larger audience for you when your followers are commenting, liking, and sharing your content.

Social Media Benefits

Having blog content ready to go also helps keep your social media presence strong. When you use blog content and create social media content with that same theme in mind, it is easier to develop and get out to your followers quicker.

Having a theme is also good to keep a cohesiveness between your website and your social media. They help each other serve as a source; you can pull information from both that aid in each other’s success online – a symbiotic relationship, if you will.

They also drive new viewers from one platform to another. The social followers will end up on your website and your website viewers on your social media platforms.

Overall, business blogs are a great source for attracting new customers. You need to ensure you are keeping your blogs active. The more blogs you post, the more keywords search engines can rank you for. In turn, your audience will grow, and so will your business.

To learn more about why you should have a blog set up on your business website, Contact Us At Ullaco Corp today. We are leaders in online marketing and can get you set up with a blog in no time. We want to help you attract and support new customers while keeping existing customers engaged and loyal to your brand.

Social media marketing and link building strategies.
Social media marketing and link building strategies.