Boost Your Online Presence With Canada’s Digital Adoption Program

Canada’s Digital Adoption Program can help you cover the costs of building an online presence

Recently the Government of Canada announced its new Digital Adoption Program. This program exists to help small to medium-sized businesses grow their online presence and the technology that is accessible to them. Such programs are essential to the modern development of the landscape of Canadian enterprises, especially when considering the turn to technology that the average consumer has made. As well, the introduction of computing technology has changed the way Canadians do business, making this program key to ensuring success for every company.

While the benefits of such a program are evident, it is also essential to acknowledge the number of jobs this will bring to the professional world. Modern technology has created many growing industries, with young Canadians at the helm of these opportunities. As younger individuals enter the workforce, ensuring a viable job market is vital. 

Unsurprisingly, a grant focused on the shift to digital is an exceptional opportunity for the generation raised by computers. Another critical factor in considering why this grant is excellent for creating new jobs is its ability to grow existing businesses. When businesses hire more young people, their companies thrive, especially when new employees have more recent training in areas like online presence.

What Does This Mean For My Business?

A professional, well-put-together website is essential in this day and age. You need to be able to get your services and products in front of potential clients where they are the most – online. However, the reality is that investing in your online presence is not a priority for many businesses. They don’t see its value or find the cost too high. 

Quite often, people look for the most affordable web designer possible. While cheaper budget-wise, 99% of the time, the final product is almost worse than having nothing at all. 

The Digital Adoption Program aims to bridge the gap for people who may not be able to meet the price outlined by an experienced web design and marketing agency. 

Why Hiring A Digital Agency Is Beneficial

Through this grant, small to medium-sized businesses in Canada have an opportunity to hire an experienced agency like Ullaco to help build their online presence. Being online is essential for the survival, growth, and development of small to medium-sized companies of every kind. This fact is entirely due to the way modern business is done. 

For instance, Google has become an essential tool in company growth. For that reason, small companies looking to outsource this work should choose agencies with Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Search Console experience, to name a few. 

Meeting clients face-to-face and going door-to-door with a sales pamphlet is gone. With the change in how Canadians do business, working with an experienced digital marketing company should be an essential tool for small to medium-sized companies. Just as you are the expert in your industry, marketing agencies like Ullaco are the experts in ours. As a result, these smaller companies can get back to focusing on their business and leave managing their online presence to the experts.  

When smaller businesses outsource their work to companies like Ullaco, they see greater success and an increase in their ROI versus handling everything internally. Programs like the Canada Digital Adoption Program have accounted for this. The program allows for funding to focus on work like SEO (search engine optimization), interactions through the Meta applications (previously known as Facebook), website design, and other factors that are becoming more important for running a thriving company as technology evolves. 

When Does The Digital Adoption Program Take Effect?

The Government of Canada announced this grant as being included in the 2021 Budget plan for Canada, developing an extensive conversation surrounding the importance of the digital shift. This program is an essential step in recovering the Canadian Economy following the COVID-19 Pandemic. With $4B dedicated to it over four years, it is evident that this is a significant step toward ensuring digital readiness. 

“Canada’s small- and medium-sized businesses need more tools, more resources, and more financing to go digital. This is what our clients shared with us and the reason why BDC is so pleased to be part of the Canada Digital Adoption Program and offer advice and zero per cent interest loans to entrepreneurs, helping them meet their clients’ evolving needs. This is an investment in Canada’s future competitiveness and growth.” -Isabelle Hudon, President and CEO of Business Development Bank of Canada

From what the government officials have been saying regarding this, it is evident that this program will ensure a bright future for Canadian companies that exist and are to come.

Wide Reaching Benefits

Considering how exciting these grants are, it is crucial to remember that this program is much bigger than just providing grants. This program also offers Canadians access to events and online webinars that would provide them with education surrounding the current digital landscape. 

The program empowers them to work with digital marketing companies more comprehensively by providing them access to these resources. It also allows businesses to feel confident making certain decisions regarding their online presence that they might have otherwise left unnoticed. 

The Digital Adoption Program is an excellent step toward better accessibility for many Canadians. It is also clear that the program’s free education offerings will help companies grow.  

Better Protect Your Business

Through the Digital Adoption Program, Canadians will also have the option to get a certification in cyber security. This certification offers new potential employment avenues for many previously mentioned young Canadians, allowing them access to digital companies. 

As technology grows, so do people’s ways of using it for negative reasons. That’s why it is imperative that small to medium-sized businesses, who otherwise would not have the time to monitor their cyber security, apply for this grant. 

It is exciting to see programs like the Canada Digital Adoption Program begin to open up to Canadians because of how important the digital shift has become for companies. Online presence is more important than ever before, and with the introduction of the Canada Digital Adoption Program, many companies can look forward to newfound online growth.

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