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We are one of Canada's leading online marketing and website design agencies with a growing presence in Toronto, Ontario. Our primary focus is producing mobile-friendly websites backed by a short to long-term online marketing strategy. The time has come to amplify your online presence.

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Cutting-Edge & Unique Website SolutionsToronto Web Design

Are you looking to increase your online footprint or even improve your current website leads? Then you came to the right place. Ullaco Corp is a one-stop digital marketing company that provides breathtaking web designs and lean yet custom website development solutions. It's important to mention that all our web design projects adhere to Google's strict Core Web Vitals.

Stunning Websites Built For Your Toronto Business

Our website design and development services start with understanding your organization's fundamental business goals, company objectives, target audience and specific industry.

We then use this data as the foundation of the entire website design project.

Zero Templates Or Pre-Made Themes

We pride ourselves in NOT using pre-made website templates or themes. Avoiding pre-made themes allows us to create stunning websites that aim to grow your Toronto company's online presence.

Increase Your Organic Ranking

Are you getting little to no leads? Perhaps it's time to invest in a professional-grade website. A website that's strategically designed based on your industry, your competitors and your ideal client.

Web Development Explained

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Digital Marketing That Skyrockets Your Online Visibility

Responsive website design of Toronto business. Mobile view

Responsive Website Design With Research In Mind

Ullaco Corp is the top-rated online and digital marketing agency your Toronto business deserves. With that said, we conduct thorough market research with any website development project we take on.

Our online research includes keyword or search query planning, geographic or location analysis, competitor investigation and determining your company's ideal customer persona.

Accelerate Your Organic Ranking & Visibility Status

Are your competitors dominating your industry? It's a fact, top-ranking websites or websites that rank on the first page of Google or Bing get the most attention.

Websites that appear on the second page of the SERP (Search Results Page) have 80% less chance of picking up organic traffic. This is because very few people will navigate past the first page of Google or Bing.

Our short to long-term digital marketing strategy will help you outrank your Toronto-based or any location-based competitors. It all starts with having a responsive website design that speaks to your ideal client.

Sounds Good, But How Do You Increase A Website's Organic Ranking?

Our content writing and research team starts the project by conducting meticulous planning and analysis.

The goal is to discover the ideal buyers' persona and your industry's direct competitors. From there, we determine which organic keywords to rank for.

Second, our UX and UI team initiates the website revamping process. This website design process includes redesigning your current website, making room for a modern, mobile-friendly website that loads within a second.

We aim to allow your website visitors to seamlessly and effortlessly navigate through your website without any hassle.

Last but not least, we produce a digital marketing or online visibility plan with a short, medium and long-term growth strategy. Give us a call or submit a quick contact form if you'd like to know more.

modern website design with optimized SEO for organic ranking

Top-Rated Toronto Web Design For Your Business

Designing or developing a responsive website with an excellent ROI (Return On Investment) begins with examining your organization's goals and objectives.

An expertly created yet mobile-friendly web design coupled with solid development techniques is key to a successful website.

With that said, a remarkable (mobile-first) site results in visitors staying longer on your website.

In turn, website visitors that stay longer will increase your website's conversion rate, thus drawing in more reliable leads for your Toronto business.

Toronto-based web design application in mobile view
Ullaco Corp web development team

Quicker Than Lightning Clean Web Development

The faster your site, the better your chances of converting an online viewer. In fact, it's been proven that a slow-loading website significantly reduces your site conversions.

Therefore, we develop mobile-friendly websites with a total footprint 10 times less than most websites out there. In addition, creating lean websites allows our sites to load within a second!

Toronto-Based Industries We've Worked With

As a fast-growing digital marketing and web design agency located in Canada, we have had the pleasure of producing unique online solutions for several industries. Below are just a few favoured industries we've worked with within the Greater Toronto Area.

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Patients sitting in a local Vancouver medical clinic waiting room

Medical & Walk-In Clinics

Our experience in medical website design in Toronto has helped us create online marketing and visibility strategies that will grow your clinic's online appearance.

Websites For Medical CLinics
Criminal Lawyers sitting together for a corporate shot.

Lawyers, Attorneys & Law Firms

With the level of competition in the legal profession, you need a Canadian marketing or website design firm that knows how to make your law firm stand out from the crowd.

Websites For Lawyers
Local dentist inspecting a child's teeth

Dentists, Orthodontists & Oral Surgeons

An online presence and website layout that drives more patients to your oral practice is our objective. In addition, we will help you build an organic ranking plan that boosts conversion.

Websites For Dentists
An all-inclusive high-end hotel, resort and restaurant

Hotels, Spas & Restaurants In Toronto

When working with hotels, spas or restaurants, our primary goal is to improve online visibility and decrease overall vacancy without using any third-party websites.

Websites For Hotels

Choosing The Best Website Design & Digital Marketing Firm In Toronto

web design and UX team discussing Toronto client objectives

A Web Design Firm That Fits Your Business Needs

You need to select a Toronto marketing and website design vendor that suits your business needs. A company with an excellent reputation, great communication skills and have the professional industry experience.

In fact, our designers, content writers, marketers and developers will help you grow your Toronto business online presence.

Truth, Integrity & Honesty

Question, would you hire an accountant or accounting firm that only does the bare minimum. Or would you hire an accounting firm that goes the extra mile? An accounting firm with industry experience and more.

Companies hire external vendors because of their experience, track record and what they can offer.

We are a Tronto web design company with an outstanding track record. Furthermore, we have multiple success stories providing phenomenal marketing and website solutions to dozens of small, medium and large businesses across Canada and the United States.

Certified, Qualified & Skilled Web Developers

The performance, speed and security of your website largely depend on how your website was developed.

For example, slow-loading websites tend to have more unwanted and unsecured bloatware. In most cases, increasing the website speed requires a complete redevelopment.

The above-mentioned is a primary reason why we DO NOT use pre-made templates or themes. Instead, our custom-built solution (WordPress) allows our web developers to control your website's security, performance and overall organic ranking capabilities.

Mobile fitness web app. Showcasing Ullaco Corp web development capabilities.
Travel responsive website design app. Targeting ideal client

Catered To Your Ideal Client

An excellent yet well-functioning website caters to your ideal clients' user experience and interaction (UX & UI).

In other words, you need a site that loads seamlessly on all devices (Mobile-Friendly or Responsive), boasts a clean and modern layout and has website content that speaks to your visitors.

Creating a great website starts with hiring the proper marketing and web design vendor. We offer no-obligation virtual meetings. We utilize these initial meetings to understand your business goals and objectives, and more.

Our Toronto Web Design Project Process

Ullaco Corp team conducting competitor planning and research

Audience, Demographic & Competitor Research

All our web design projects start with conducting target audience, competitor and demographic planning and research. This allows us to determine the ideal marketing strategy and online presence for your Toronto business.

Qualified content writer working on Toronto client's website

Website Content That Speaks To Your Ideal Customer

We provide our Toronto clients with engaging yet high-quality website content aimed at converting your website viewers. Furthermore, our strategic content copy allows your website to answer the "wants" or "needs" your ideal client is looking for.

Mobile-friendly and custom website design example in mobile view

Hand-Crafted & Responsive Web Design Services

Our Toronto web design team employs industry-leading website design principles that produce engaging mobile-friendly or responsive web design prototypes. We are one of a few marketing agencies in Canada that avoid mass production.

Functional user testing and website performance

Web Development, Testing & Site Performance

User behavioural, performance and functional testing come standard with every web development project we take on. Our website testing methods ensure that your website is SEO-friendly and loads seamlessly on all major browsers and mobile devices.

Agile custom website development team working on a legal firm project

Agile Website Development

Our highly qualified Toronto-based dev team utilizes the latest technologies and development strategies. Conducting agile web development allows us to produce a lean well-optimized website that's ready to boost your lead count and online presence.

Ullaco dev team preparing a website for migration and site launch

Development To Website Production

A website goes live or into production as part of the last step or milestone of our website design and development process. It's important to note that website migration only occurs once our clients are satisfied with the final product. We also offer hosting, site security and backup services.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. Are You Located In Toronto?

Yes, our head office is located in Calgary, Alberta. However, we have a satellite office in Toronto, Ontario. As part of our pandemic response, we decided to make all our Toronto staff work remotely.

2. Are You The Best Toronto Web Design Company?

Yes! Just kidding, we are definitely one of the top-rated or industry-leading web design agencies in Canada. We've won multiple awards throughout the years, and we've created numerous websites that produce fantastic ROI and conversion.

3. What Should I Look Out For When Hiring A Web Design Company in Toronto?

Agency Reputation, industry experience, customer reviews and design portfolio. Do your research and make sure the website design agency you choose has proper legal documentation. Stay clear from affordable or cheap web design vendors. You will regret it.

4. Do You Offer In-Person Meetings?

Yes. However, this is highly dependent on the local Toronto and Ontario government's COVID19 restrictions. We do, however, offer virtual meetings through Microsoft Teams.

5. Do You Offer Online Store Or E-Commerce Solutions For Toronto Businesses?

Yes, absolutely. We've been providing online store and e-commerce solutions to our Canadian customers for several years. In addition, we've teamed up with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.

6. What's The Average Cost For A Website Design Project?

It all depends on who you ask. Web designs are like anything else in the world; you get what you pay!

Affordable and or cheap websites lack fundamental research and planning, and in most cases, affordable web design agencies cut corners. This leads to producing sub-par or below-standard website solutions.

We estimate based on the actual hours that go into your project. In addition, we provide a complete statement of work document that outlines the entire project's scope from start to completion.

A professional-grade website design or development project that's SEO-friendly, mobile-friendly, loads within a second, and has strategic website content can range anywhere from $6k to $12k, give or take.