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Best Law Firm Marketing

Professional Web Design & Development Services For Lawyers

From small law firm website designs to extensive, iconic legal marketing strategies, our Calgary digital marketing company has done it all. Our experienced team of designers, developers, SEO experts, and content writers have been able to deliver results to all legal firms nationwide.

Our primary focus is to create engaging sites using strategic content designed to increase your online presence. In addition, our website services for lawyers and law firms include SEO marketing, user experience design, corporate branding, and website hosting.

Not only do we deliver high-quality website design services, but we also provide law firm marketing plans aimed at achieving results. As a matter of fact, we specialize in creating marketing strategies for a variety of legal practices. These practices include commercial & real estate law, civil litigation, immigration law, criminal law, family law, and many more.

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    Custom website design solutions

    First off, every legal firm should have a stunning website design that increases your online presence and return on investment. Furthermore, your website needs to be responsive and user-friendly. Your services and legal content should be easily accessible for website visitors. If it is not, then you risk them going to a competitor who has a better laid out website. Below are some of the ways Ullaco can help you with a new website:

    • Responsive website designs that render on all devices. From mobile to large desktop devices. We create visually pleasing yet engaging law firm or lawyer websites.
    • Best law firm websites. We provide several design prototypes to choose from as part of our design milestone within the overall project.
    • Well-documented Statement of Work. All our projects, regardless of its size, are backed by a well-documented statement of work. Our SOW’s include in-scope deliverables, communication plan, deadline dates, and more.
    • Compelling website content. We create website content based on market research and compliance. In fact, our website content is built on a detailed marketing strategy aimed at creating results and establish ranking authority.
    • Custom CMS based website. Another key point, all our lawyer websites are built with a custom content management system. This allows you to make any website changes if need be.
    • Dedicated law firm web hosting. We’ve partnered up with Microsoft Azure to provide dedicated cloud-based hosting. With that said, we have multiple redundancy procedures in place to ensure optimal uptime.
    • Law firm SEO marketing. We provide search engine optimization services that are focused on creating organic ranking and online presence.
    • Web marketing for law firms. We are one of the top digital marketing agencies in Canada. Our industry experience allows us to provide consistent results.
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    Custom Marketing strategies

    Marketing and digital marketing can sometimes be seen as a challenge. Afterall, what business owner has the time to deal with social media, organic ranking strategies, and more. That’s where we come in. Our experienced marketing team creates detailed marketing strategies based on market, audience, and competitor research.

    Our online marketing and digital marketing strategies are aimed at:

    • Increasing your online presence and keyword ranking. We create law firm marketing plans that consist of a short to long-term SEO strategy.
    • Provide detailed competitor research and analysis. All our lawyer website marketing projects are delivered with a comprehensive competitor research report.
    • Custom built application forms that are integrated with modern CRM applications. This allows your staff to be more efficient.
    • Increase organic website ranking and website conversion. Our digital marketing strategy is aimed at increasing your organic traffic and close the gap on your website conversion.
    • Social media and law firm facebook marketing. We’ve helped multiple law firms succeed on social media platforms. Facebook and pay per click advertising is key to any successful lawyer website.
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    Optimized For The Best User Experience

    A great law firm or lawyer website is built on a well-optimized web development platform. In fact, we’ve seen great results when optimizing a website to load fast and secure. In the web development industry, there are multiple ways of creating a site. However, there is only one way of doing it right.

    All our law firm websites include the following:

    • Dedicated on-premise content writing team that specialized in creating compelling website content. In most cases, we work closely with our law firm clients to ensure all legal jargon is in place.
    • Professional and Responsive website design services. Our primary focus is to provide a solution that looks great, yet delivers results.
    • Robust Project management team. Our project managers make sure that all lawyer website projects stay on budget and delivered on time.
    • Agile lawyer website development. Performance and website loading is vital. Our lawyer websites are custom designed and developed to be responsive yet fast.
    • Local SEO and ranking visibility. Now more than ever, local SEO is essential to any successful legal firm or lawyer website.