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The Fundamental Strategy for UX Design
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Website Designs Directly Influence The Visitor Experience

UX design, otherwise known as User Experience design, has recently gained a lot of popularity. In fact, marketing and sales agencies alike are using UX & UI design as the primary goal for most campaign strategies. With that said, user experience refers to the process of improving user satisfaction and overall user perception. This is done by enhancing website accessibility & usability. A common question we ask our potential clients are, how does your website make your feel?

Graphic design and website design should work together to accommodate for the overall user experience. For example, a hair salon website needs to make it easy for a website visitor to book a hair appointment. Furthermore, a local hair salon website should also have easy access to basic information like location for visitors.

User Interface Design Explained

User Interface design or UI design, involves optimizing and maximizing the overall usability of a website. In general, User Interface design refers to the user interaction with any digital media. This includes: website designs, mobile apps, e-commerce websites and internal web apps. A great UI design entails completing the goal or task at hand without any frustration or distraction.

A part of creating a great User Interface design is to understand the human emotion behind it. Modern websites normally lack the core emotional understanding of its users. Therefore, it’s always advisable to create a custom website based on credible market research. The end goal of any good website design should be to conveniently get the user to the desired product or service.

Creating The ideal UX Design

First off, a great website consists of having a fantastic looking website design and valid website content. Your website should be custom designed and developed for your business. Furthermore, it needs to be handcrafted specifically for your digital marketing needs. Re-using website templates or creating a website with an online website builder tends to be less effective and more time consuming in the long run.

Creating an ideal UX design involves focusing on the entire online marketing strategy and business objectives. Gathering market research can significantly improve any type of website’s marketing efforts. You need to know what your visitors are looking for when they navigate your website. Your website visitors will get frustrated and quick leave if your website design is complex and hard to navigate. This will affect your website’s bounce rate and ranking with search engines like Google or Bing.

In most cases, business owners are better off hiring an experienced web design company like Ullaco Corp. We have been in the digital and online marketing industry for many years. Our main focus is creating the ideal marketing solution tailored to our customer’s business and corporate brand.

Market Research and User Testing

As mentioned above, market research is key to delivering a website with a great Return On Investment (ROI). With that said, market research involves gathering valid information about your target audience, target marketing and customers in general. In fact, market research is an important part of any successful business strategy.

User testing is another great tactic to ensure that your website is performing the way it should be. With that said, Google Analytics can come in handy to determine if your site is living up to expectations. All our website projects include user testing and functional testing. For Ullaco, it’s important to make sure we deliver a well finished product or service.

Our UX Design Steps involve:

Our unique process to creating an exceptional web design:

  • Analyze Current Website Reports. One of the key points in creating a great UX design involves analyzing current website data. We take the time to collect valid information to determine why your website is working or not working.
  • Client Engagement To Gain Industry Insight. Customer engagement is important, this helps us understand the business objectives and goals for the new website.
  • Online Marketing & Online Presence Planning. In most cases, small- and medium-sized businesses do not have a online marketing plan. We assist, advise and create an ideal marketing plan that leverages UX design as its core.
  • Market & Competitor Research. It’s important to gain a better understanding of your target audience, target market and competitors. Our team takes the time to do the research. Our market research includes competitor research, keyword ranking research, industry trends, your business plan, product and service engagement.

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