Why Is Everyone Talking About Microsoft Teams?

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Is Top Ranking

Microsoft Teams offers all the features and more of Slack, another popular software. Best of all, it’s free if you have an Office365 account.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak has forced many companies to rethink the way they do business. With the rise in remote working, more people than ever are using videoconferencing software.

Close But Not Quite Up To Par

Zoom is a popular product that has seen an increase in subscribers, but there have been multiple reports about its privacy and security issues.

working from home

At Ullaco Corp, we are a proud CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider) partner with Microsoft since our company’s inception. In addition to SharePoint, OneDrive and all of the other features that come with using Office 365, we also have access to Microsoft Teams.

What Is Microsoft Teams ?

At its most basic, it is a chat-based and videoconferencing platform that allows you to send messages between colleagues or others added to your channels. You can set up conversations that everyone can view in a general channel, or you can have a private channel or chat conversation with employees.

Microsoft Teams also allows you to integrate with hundreds of third-party applications seamlessly.

Video Calls, Online Meetings & Screen Sharing

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Microsoft Teams allows clients or staff to see each other’s faces, share presentations, and even includes screen sharing.

Importance Of Screen Sharing

How many times have you been on the phone trying to explain how to make changes to something you’re looking at? It can get frustrating for everyone as you try to understand what the other person is saying.

With screen sharing, it is just a click of a button to share your screen with the people you’re talking to. This makes it easy for you to show them what you’re working on or guide them on how to implement their changes.

With companies continuing to work from home for the foreseeable future, Microsoft Teams screen sharing lets you train staff and guide them without being there face to face.

File Sharing

File sharing

With Teams, you can effortlessly share files, folders, and documents with anyone using the application. It is simple to send the proper information back and forth between you and your clients and colleagues.

“You’ll have access to files from your computer, OneDrive for Business account, and any third-party cloud storage you or your admin have added to Teams.” – Microsoft 365

Audio Conferencing From Anywhere

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Sometimes one of your team members might have an issue logging into their computer, or their home internet is lagging. The great thing about Microsoft Teams is that it doesn’t mean you have to end the conference and try another time. There is the option of having anyone join the meeting from their phone via the Microsoft Teams phone app.

This allows productivity to stay up while making sure essential meetings aren’t missed. This feature does come with an extra cost; however, in our business, we have found it extremely beneficial and would be happy to discuss why if you ever wanted to know more.

Push-To-Talk Capabilities


As if Microsoft Teams couldn’t get any better for organizing parts of your business. They’re also coming out with Walkie Talkie Push-To-Talk features later this year. This is different from the other calling features available because the new Walkie Talkie feature will broadcast a message to a particular person or group of people.

This new feature is for employees who see customers and run the day to day operations at their company. Microsoft has come out saying Push-To-Talk will reduce the number of devices staff have to carry while lowering IT costs for businesses. It also comes with a host of other features that will further improve productivity and daily operations.

Handy Tools

Microsoft Teams has so much to offer, even the smaller things you may take for granted in the system can be a real lifesaver.

Save Function

Within Teams, you can save any message between you, your clients, and colleagues on any channel. This allows you to go back and reference it at any time. This feature can be incredibly helpful when you need to remember a specific topic of conversation. for example, phone number, address, passwords, etc. in a chat without having to scroll through entire discussions. It also weeds out sentences for the information you need, keeping you efficient.

File Storage
file storage

Furthermore, it comes equipped with all of your files from your OneDrive for easy access and easier sharing. You can also access, in one location, all the files you’ve shared and all the files that others have shared with you.

Built-in Calendar

Microsoft Teams includes a calendar to ensure you are keeping track of appointments, meetings, and deadlines – which you can send out to the whole team or individual members. Additionally, it allows you to add notes and alarms, so your attendees know how to prepare for and never forget the meeting.

App Housing

Its platform also houses all of the Microsoft apps, along with more than 140 business apps. Meaning you can integrate 3rd party apps to your team to help keep up productivity and functionality, such as Survey Monkey.

Microsoft Teams Equipment

boardroom conference meeting

Another great feature of Microsoft Teams is the videoconferencing equipment you can purchase that allows you to have a seamless meeting experience in a medium to large boardroom.

Microsoft has teamed up with Yealink to provide PBX android phone systems that connect your phone line to Teams. When you receive a phone call, your Teams application and any device connected to the PBX system will ring.


computer security

When you use Microsoft cloud services such as Teams, you know your information and data will be secure. Microsoft ensures that standard security tech is a fundamental part of its design. In fact, it was built as such from the beginning.

Two-Factor Authentication & Single Sign-On

Teams require a team and organization-wide, two-factor authentication, along with single sign-on for each user to authenticate and authorize themselves.

All data is protected through encryption while the program is in use and at rest. This ensures the highest level of security for your data.

SharePoint Encryption
encryption security

All of your personal and business files are stored in SharePoint, which is backed by SharePoint encryption. The same goes for Notes, which are stored in OneNote and are backed by OneNote encryption. You own and control your data to collect and distribute as you wish.

Built-In Automation & Intelligence

Microsoft has always believed in being transparent with their security measures and how much they value the privacy of their loyal customers. They have always gone above and beyond in their cyber protection procedures with built-in automation and intelligence. This helps safeguard not only sensitive information and data you may have but all of your information and data.

think outside the building

With Microsoft Teams, you can call, chat, and collaborate with any client or colleague from any location. They are thinking outside the box and outside the building with Microsoft Teams software. It is the most convenient, most secure, and most reliable videoconferencing, chat-based platform you could ask for. Especially when working from home is the only option for many people right now.

If you want to start using Microsoft cloud-based services, including Teams, we can help set up everything you need. Contact Ullaco Corp today to learn more.