Your Hosting Performance Matters

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Website Hosting in Calgary, professional Website Design and Development in Calgary
Website Hosting in Calgary, professional Website Design and Development in Calgary

When customers launch new websites we often find that the most overlooked aspect is hosting performance. This means most modern CMS integrations that use platforms such as WordPress, Joomla etc. are placed on lower-tier hosting accounts and can drastically slow down your website. Slow page loads reduce your SEO scores and make for a bad UX (User Experience).

When developing websites for our customers we try to find the best balance of price and performance. When it comes to website hosting, we will look at things such as how much memory, how many CPUs and whether solid-state drives are used. For customers that already have accounts with hosting such as GoDaddy, we will work with the customer to upgrade their accounts when necessary.

Generally, nothing less than a business package should be used when hosting any kind of CMS websites.  Alternatively, Microsoft Azure is probably the best fit, it might be pricey by it’s definitely the best hosting and cloud solution currently on the market.

VPS and or Dedicated Performance Hosting is often another popular option and it is also crucial to understand and tweak the inner workings of the HTTP server such as Apache, Nginx or IIS. Performance testing should be done to fine-tune the number of maximum and current connections, allocation of resources and DDoS prevention methods put in place.

So, the next time you have issues with your website, perhaps have a look at your Hosting company and the current hosting package that you’re on.  At Ullaco Corporation we aim to provide the best possible solution for our clients.  We tend to get great hosting and Cloud Storage rates for all our customers. With that said, we offer free hosting and a dedicated SSL Certificates for 12 months for any potential client that signs up with our Tier 3 Search Engine Optimization package.